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I recently purchased a year membership to – an online video based training site started by Scott Kelby. The site covers photography techniques, as well as the full range of Adobe Creative Suite products.

Scott Kelby is a well known photographer, who is also President of the NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals), as well as editor of Photoshop User magazine. He’s written a slew of best selling technical books on a variety of photography techniques and photo editing software tutorials (several of which I own).

So there’s a good background to support that the content on the site is of a good quality, with solid information – which is comforting as some might find the price tag daunting: $199 a year or $24.95 per month. Considering that I am serious about taking my photography, and Photoshop skills, further both personally and professionally, I felt it was a worthwhile investment.

If you ARE concerned that the content might not be worth that to you, they graciously give a large number of videos for free viewing. Watch and get a feel for whether the style and topics meet your needs before committing.

For me, it was most definitely worth it. I’ve watched 6 videos since signing up (all of them roughly an hour long) and felt the time spent gained not only new knowledge, but new inspiration. Each instructor is highly regarded in their field, and well known for their work. You’re taught by someone who not only knows the application, but uses it daily. I found each video engaging, easy to follow, and nicely broken up in to chapters (as most of us only have so much time to spare each day).

I highly recommend going to the site and seeing what they offer. Check out the sampling of free videos, and hopefully you’ll be as happy as I am with them!


  • Heather

    Did you go to the day long workshop they had in Livonia..??? If you were there and I was there and I didn’t know it, I’m gonna be pissed XD

  • Melanie

    Hah! That would have been crazy. No no, didn’t make it to the seminar. I really would love to one of these days but my convention list coupled with a trip to Disney has maxed out my vacation time at work. How was it?

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