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WDW 2011 Day 9

Tuesday 1/18/2011

Off to a full day of Hollywood Studios!

Chris tries to hitch a ride but no one stops…

and the cabbie seems to be off duty…

and the street lights are out… :lmao:

First up – Rock’n’Roller Coaster

I got a snap of the infamous “shocker” sign Steven manages to throw (google it if you really want to know…)

The ride:

Just around that curve is a rockin time!

Was I having fun? You bet I was! Even got front row!!! I did not however carefully consider what to do with my camera while on the ride. My “cushy” thighs were a bonus here! ;)

Darn… securely bolted to the wall :lol:

Then up the road to the Tower of Terror.

Just a normal abandoned hotel…

or is it…

Mom tried asking all kinds of questions about when and how it was going to drop and I said I don’t know, it’s random, and both of us were freaking out. I swear some of the people behind us were giggling.

We stopped over at the Animation Studio to take art lessons. While waiting in line we somehow got on the subject of Doctor Who with everyone else waiting! Even better, the staff member was a fan, and he ended up being our drawing instructor. Sadly, he didn’t offer to teach us how to draw a Dalek or K-9. :D

He’s holding the artist’s copy – but I think I did pretty good! I was SO happy that they picked Grumpy during the session, as that’s Dad’s favorite character (and his alter-ego haha).

They often have featured animators/artists out showing how they work, and you can get autographed artwork.

We headed around the back lot to catch the next show – stopping for a drink but no one had a straw (and a ladder):


No “rain” today… boo but we made the best of it

We all agreed none of us could be paid enough to have this worker’s job:

We got in line for Lights! Motor! ACTION! and got GREAT seats

I got FAR too many awesome shots, so I’ll just list some of my favorites:

Who knew all the time at the racetrack would help out in Disney!

After that excitement, we needed something to eat so headed past the (closed) Star Tours

and into the Sci Fi Dine In Theatre

Modeled to be like an older era drive-in – it’s dark inside with stars on the ceiling, cars for your table and old movie trailers and intermission reels playing. Can I say, going to the drive in during the summer is one of my best childhood memories? I am so sad that there are hardly any left, and what there are, just aren’t the same.

Dad enjoying the silly trailers

They even have the old speakers

No good food pictures – just too dark to be appetizing on camera. But you get a good sized meal for the money. Chris and I split a burger and fries and were more than full.

Then we followed the signs to the Muppet show:

Everyone’s favorite grouchy critics:

FINALLY we got onto Toy Story Mania (the popularity of this ride is just ridiculous!)

I admit though, it was a lot more fun than I expected.

Mom’s favorite character – Pluto

Sorry, I’m using digital these days…

With that, we called it a day. Back to the hotel to rest.

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