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Hot Air Jubilee – Jackson, MI

The Hot Air Jubilee is an annual event that takes place in Jackson, MI. Over the three day event they have daily balloon launches, an arts and craft fair, a children’s carnival with small rides, inflatables and games, and various other entertainment. The balloon launches happen (weather permitting) twice each day – once early morning and again in the early evening.

According to their website:

In 1983 a group of Hot Air Balloon enthusiast who lived in and around Jackson came up with the dream of a family friendly event for the Jackson Community. The Hot Air Jubilee was born. Since then the Jubilee has grown to an event that thousands of people attend every summer. 35-40 Balloons come in from around the country to participate in the friendly rivalry of the contests.

There was definitely a large crowd of people there when I arrived, and it was a bright hot July day to be sure. There was quite a bit of shade afforded by the trees and as long as you stayed hydrated it was tolerable. They had the usual carnival games like water guns and shooting hoops.

fuzzy turtle
I was tempted to play if it meant winning this fuzzy guy.

The Jackson RC club was also out – showing off their confidence with their planes with barrel rolls and nose dives.

RC plane

I caught this dragonfly taking a break on a car antenna – no doubt letting his wings cool in the slight breeze.

It was equally entertaining watching what goes into getting a balloon set up as it was the actual launches.

girl with bubble blower gun
This little girl was having a blast with her bubble gun.

The obvious fan favorite was Sugar Bear of course.

I highly recommend if you’re within any reasonable driving distance that you check them out next year.

View the full gallery HERE.

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