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WDW 2011 Day 11

Thursday 1/20/2011

Since we were exhausted Chris and I had the parents go on ahead while we snoozed a bit.

Mom and Dad stopped and got a few photos:

Around noon we hitched the bus over to Magic Kingdom. The driver was awesome (the bus was empty so we chatted the whole trip) and it was interesting driving through some of the other stops.

We got to the park about 1 – and it seemed that most everyone who was coming was already inside because the front was EMPTY – and the photopass photographer was bored and more than willing to let us get a slew of photos!

She mused over what other poses we could do and I suggested this one. She liked it so much and said “I need to remember that!” :D

I loved these little framed 3D dioramas… just not enough to buy one. Sticker :eek:



Then we rode the Liberty Belle:


While on the boat Mom and Dad were getting their photo out front:

Another stop in Pecos Bill’s to split a burger:

Off to Epcot!

Stopping for a photopass pic. Have I said how much I loved having these? It’s nearly impossible to get a shot of us together otherwise (1. I don’t want to hand my camera over to a stranger and 2. I don’t want to set it up on a tripod either) and these were wonderful to come home to. I’d absolutely pay for the CD in advance again. The magic shots were a fun benefit – but just having all these photos of the two of us (or four of us as the case may be) were what was great.

Innoventions West – The Great Piggy Bank Adventure. This was cuter than it would seem. You get your piggy bank and go through learning about saving and investing for your future.

We also did the Fire Safety course – which was a great time killer as well.

Love the “ball” at night. Such colors.

A quick photopass stop:

By now it was getting late and we wanted to catch Wishes at the Magic Kingdom – so headed back to the tram.

Whee! There goes the station!

The crowds were unbelievable – and this is January!

Walt could grab the moon if he really desired it.

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