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WDW 2011 Day 12 – Hollywood Studios

Friday 1/21/2011

Day 12 finds the weather a bit grey and drizzly. We decide to do Hollywood Studios one last time – but we don’t even spend too much time there. This park really needs to be looked at for their next major expansion. I’d love to see more movie related stuff – like a theatre that runs some of the old Disney cartoons or a studio where you get to mix your own short (how to cut scenes, simple fade transition, drop in some music and maybe record yourself over an animation). Anyone with any power reading this? I want a commission! ;)

Because of the weather and the fact we’d exhausted most of the entertaining stuff to do, even I didn’t snap a whole lot of photos.

Invisible coke bottle! :lol:


So cute :D

We decided to ride ToT one last time – and we had the car to ourselves! :eek: Right about where the car moves into the hotel lobby I started getting my usual “why did I CHOOSE to go on this thing?” nerves and yelled “Chicken Exit! Chicken Exit!!”. Mom yelled at me that I was making HER worse and to stop it!!! :lmao:

Me screaming, mom screaming, both of us clutching on for dear life – Chris with the one free hand in the air and dad blowing raspberries at the camera. Aren’t we a hoot?

I wish I’d grabbed a better shot – I love how if they catch you with a camera their way they immediately (in a very in-character way) start fawning over you. ;)

I would have liked to watch more of the show – but we were cranky, it was raining every so often and we just decided to head to dinner.

After dinner – I was supremely loopy. I flipped my camera over and took a photo.

This then amused me greatly and I had a laughing fit – which I felt compelled to also self capture.

15 minutes of giggling and I’m still not sure why – other than I am my own best entertainment.

A quick shot of the hotel after getting back – looks like it should have a scary elevator in it!

Finally – back to the hotel to rest for our very last day in the parks. :(

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