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WDW 2011 – Florida Day 14


We awake early (around 5:30 am); after a fitful night’s sleep knowing we were to be leaving; and quietly pack the car and check out.

Most of the process is in darkness still, and fairly boring and uneventful. I grab a few snaps once in the airport:

Sorry Harry… I just wasn’t that into you this trip. ;)

See? Told you it was damned early.

I will miss you pretty palm trees.

I don’t have many photos after this – the flight home found me getting a terrible earache :( and sitting behind someone who thought she’d just put her seat all the way back the whole trip. I don’t know why those things go back to begin with. You might as well say “I’m just going to sit in your lap now”. Grr. :rant:

I slept most of it, and can now appreciate every screaming baby (I had no gum and my earplugs got packed by mistake) on an airplane because if I could have screamed (funny how when you’re older than 2 they treat that differently… :rotfl: ) I would have.

Back to the snow…

And that was our trip. We came home to a very mouthy kitty (and just WHERE have you been?) and unloaded the car and crashed on the couch. Now what? I guess… start planning (okay fine, obsessing) about the next trip? :haha:

To be continued in 2013!

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