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WDW 2011 Day 13 – Epcot and Magic Kingdom (last day)


Our last day in the parks. Today was the least structured. By now coordinating 4 adults with different thoughts on how to tackle / see each park and rides was getting to everyone just a tad. We were all still on speaking terms however – so it wasn’t a complete meltdown. :haha:

We headed to the Magic Kingdom parking lot and took the tram to Epcot first.

I love these billboards around Disney.

Our last time passing this sign. :cry:

Following the blue line.

I want this in my room. :D

“I’m in Disney World!!”

Aww :love:

:photo: with Daisy

At Epcot – we went to Innoventions. This is a great overlooked spot that has ever-changing interactive learning centers. While we were there we did:

Stormstruck – A cool sit down immersive video experience that taught you how to plan and protect yourself and home from severe weather. Air and water was blown at you during the storm video for extra realism. :)

Don’t Waste It! – Presented by Waste Management, this offered a way to see how recycling reduces landfill usage. You got to push a little garbage truck from station to station and play multi-player (up to 4) touch screen games to get your score.

See, how cute is that truck? The lights all work!

Then we stopped in Sunshine Seasons for an early lunch.

The CM had her “paws” hidden until she saw me taking a photo – and then waved. :D

The sandwiches here are quite big and easy to share. Mom and Dad got a Turkey and Monterey Jack Cheese on Foccacia, with a red potato salad on the side. A small mac and cheese, and potato soup. For dessert a strawberry shortcake and ??

Chris and I had the same sandwich and potato salad, and potato soup. He got the HUGE rice krispie treat (one of his favorite desserts) and I tried the key lime pie.

The sandwich was good. I thought the soup a little too puree’d and kind of bland. The key lime was quite good for cafeteria type food. All in all $20 for what was on our tray. Pretty good tasting and filling for the price for in-park Disney fare.

Om nom nom!

Outside we came upon the Jammitors.

Then we went over to Mexico to hit the Gran Fiesta ride featuring the Three Caballeros.

What do you mean you don’t want the roast duck?

Chris and I then went to Norway to ride Maelstrom. I got handed a badge as I walked in the line. If you ever wondered how they know what the wait time is – it’s with these.

Then we stopped in the gift shop to let the Troll rub us for luck. ;)

:blush: :lol:

We stopped at a Kim Possible station and decided to check out the secret missions. This was actually a LOT of fun. Disney did a good job of integrating hidden effects into each country on the World Showcase that you only see if you’re doing the KP! missions or happen to notice when someone else does it.



The symbol means “castle”.

We went up to Tokyo Dining to split something… but sent it all back after a small bite. Honestly, we’ve had a LOT of japanese food and were so disappointed in this. The waitress was kind enough, but did try at first to say that we (westerners) might not be familiar with the taste because of the rice flour (which would be the least of the flavors someone might not be used to…). However, I politely stated that no, we’d had much more authentic (think home-style Japanese food) dishes in the past and just did not care for what was being served.

The view was nice:

The parade was coming through as we headed towards America.


The acrobats were just about to start, and were performing indoors this time, so we sat and watched.

Lastly we thought the line looked fairly short for the autograph signing and got in line. The girl in front of us with (I assume) her boyfriend turns around, sees me with my autograph book and marker with Chris beside me – makes a face – slugs her guy in the arm and gesturing at us: “SEE!! They don’t have kids and they’re in line!”

Me: Yep, even have an autograph book!

Her: More pointed glaring at the guy. Harrumph. “Told you!” :rotfl”

Mom needed food (sugar was low) and I told her to go on ahead but she wanted to wait but it took longer than expected to get through (though it was very very efficient) and basically we had a bit of a spat. They headed to the MK and we followed as soon as we were out.

Once in MK we headed to the Laugh Floor as we hadn’t seen it yet and heard lots of positive reviews.

Now, I can’t possibly write out what and how it was funny, but trust me it was. They know just how to say something to get a chuckle out of young and old (sometimes for different reasons ;) ) and all around I’d put this on my list of things to do again.

We stopped at The Lunching Pad for some hot dogs (chili for him, taco for me) and chips. These were fairly tasty. I wouldn’t want to eat them every day (but that goes for any hot dog) but it was something different.

By now it was getting late and kind of chilly, so we shuffled off to the car to head back to the hotel. It was the last night. Time to pack and be ready to turn the rental in and catch our flight home. :cry:

Chris enjoyed one last rice krispie treat…

and we went to bed.

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