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ACen – after con report

It’s amazing how long and short something can seem at the same time. Anime Central is like this – even with being there for almost a full week nowadays it still flies by.

Chris and I got in on Wednesday, and after checking in to the hotel unpacking, and getting our staff schedule sorted we headed to a lovely little Japanese place up the road as suggested by a local friend.

Embassy Suites

View from our room

With unbeatable lunch prices – we split a bento box with beef teriyaki. This was SO good, it will likely become a traditional first meal now.

The meat was proper cubes of beef, not the super cheap thin strips most places offer.

There’s nothing much for us to do yet, so we go to the hotel and crash.


We head over to the Hyatt for our badges (hey, there’s our ad!).

And after getting our badges we head to the convention center

to start setting up registration.
Reg Hall

Once reg opens we’re very happy to watch the crowd smoothly picking up/buying their badges

I take a minute to collapse behind the scenes

before heading to grab dinner.

On the way back I see this pretty bird out on the windowsill, watching everyone heading through the habitrail walkway

My friend MJ had her Ghostbusters gear on and I had to grab a shot.

The proton pack lights up and was playing music from the movie!


I wish I got a better shot of this awesome UP! cosplayer

Some more Ghostbusters

Willy Wonka

Pedobear and his girlfriend? These two had quite the crowd, and all kinds of naughty poses. I have about 20 photos (and some would make an excellent gif) of them.

I admit I don’t know this one, but it’s nicely done!

The stain on the floor juxtaposed with this table’s banner cracked me up. Even better, I stopped later and pointed it out and the owner hadn’t even noticed!



AMAZING chalk artist – Eric Maruscak


These guys were actually really sweet, and the makeup/teeth were really well done.

An example of the custom stuff I do

On my way to the Soap Bubble, some folks were taking advantage of the ambiance and got this setup. To the Deadpool hanging out here – sorry I didn’t realize you were talking to me at first!!

IRT watching the crowd at the dance

Seen in one of the parking lots while walking to my room


Staff getting silly

That’s it – I’m trying to focus on getting more photos again as lately it’s been RUN THE TABLE AND GO TO BED every day. I miss actually seeing the convention, and the cosplayers, more than what I get at my artist table. The Soap Bubble pictures were actually me getting up at 2 am just to walk over and snap a few shots.

As always – if you’ve not been to Anime Central (www.acen.org) it’s a great one to hit. Feel free to leave questions in the comments. :)


  • Mary Jo

    Awesome photos!! I love how the photos of me & the pack turned out :) And yay you got a photo of the UP cosplayer! I saw him from a distance but wasn’t able to get a photo (I was in our office, he was walking by outside). I thought that was one of the most creative cosplays I saw.

    BTW where is that lunch place exactly? I’m not familiar with it but it looks like a place I’d enjoy trying.

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