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AnimePark – after con report

New this year was a one day free admission convention in Canton MI. Organized by some of the students at Canton HS, it was a surprisingly well organized and busy first time con, and we enjoyed our day there very much.

The main cafeteria area held the Dealer’s booths, and a side hallway had the Artists. They had a video room, some panels, and a maid cafe. I hope they are able to hold the event again next year, and if you’re in the area, I recommend checking it out.

The maid cafe was very cute – it was set up in the home ec room – and the girls were serving and even cooking stuff on the spot.

This little girl was a ball of energy – batgirl can defeat her enemies by wearing them out!

Her mom tried to get her to do Caramelldansen but like any child she did not perform on command.


  • Amanda

    Thank you so much for your kind words! We are very happy that you enjoyed it, and we hope to have a bigger, better one next year~!

  • Ryu

    Hey that Link playing the ocarina was me! :D it was fun playing with midna and I loved how we drew a croud XD I feel Fumus! O: thnx for taking a pic ^^p

  • Molly

    Hey guys! Thanks for coming and I’m glad you enjoyed yourselves. I was wondering if you would allow us to use some of these photos around the website? We can give you proper credit, but we need some high quality pictures of the convention for possible con-goers next year to look at.

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