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Photowalk – Ann Arbor, MI

I am a huge fan of Google Plus. There are so many photographers on there that I am inspired by on a daily basis. I believe it’s due to the great layout/space for photographs, that it is very easy to “follow” someone, and to meet and engage in conversation with so many new people. It is there that I came across the G+ Anniversary Photowalk, and by extension, a Michigan photography group that was participating.

I’m so thrilled that I did come across the post because it’s been far too long (as you can see by the lack of updates here) since I’ve gotten out and done some serious shooting.

Despite the heat and a little bit of getting turned around I had a fantastic time. I felt like I covered more ground (literally – 2.5 miles) and was much more focused by having a group of people to follow/keep up with. It pushed me forward and got me excited to get out more (even by myself) again.

“Michigan Theatre”

Other than the modern stop sign (and the movie titles) – I love that this could be an archive photo.

“Nickels Arcade”

Completed in 1918. History lesson: An arcade was simply a series of arches that formed a passageway, often with shops on either side. The definition that included games came later.

“Rolling Through”

“Cooling My Toes”

“Under Construction”

“Standing Tall”

“Feeling the Music”

“Thumbing Through the Cards”

“Sheep Go To Heaven…”

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