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Recipe – Broccoli Risotto

Risotto is one of those fancy pants kinds of dishes that come on the side at the expensive restaurants that want something hoity-toity’er than potatoes. Maybe you were afraid to know what a riz-oh-toe was and asked if you could get some fries instead. :rotfl:

Since I love my rice dishes (stir-fry is a weekly go-to around here) of course there isn’t much for me to hate about a good risotto. It’s creamy, rich, and involves rice and cheese. Luckily, it’s also way easier to make than you would think. No really! It’s more about babysitting the pan for quite some time to work it into its final form than any huge amount of fancy ingredients or skills.

Not only does it pair with just about anything – like any good starch does – my husband proclaimed it SO good that he’d eat it without meat. :shocked:

Pictured with my slow-cooked pot roast

Broccoli Risotto


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