NAIAS 2013 – Detroit Auto Show

It’s been some years since I’ve attended the Auto Show. For various reasons I just wasn’t finding it worthwhile to visit. Since Chris started working in Detroit however, we find ourselves much more interested in visiting the city and taking in the sights. So it was that we headed out to see what NAIAS had to offer for 2013.


2014 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Black Series

Since Chris gets a parking pass with his job, we parked in his usual garage and used the People Mover to get to COBO itself. I’ve heard rumors of a light rail system and other mass transit installations for Detroit and I truly hope those go forward. We’ve long bemoaned the lack of public transportation in Detroit in comparison to how easily we get around in Chicago and think it is vital to Detroit’s rejuvenation. That’s a full post topic for another day however!

We did not pre-purchase tickets, opting to buy them when we arrived. I was pleased at how quick and efficient this was. If you had a credit card, they had automated machines you could walk up and get tickets on the spot with very little fuss. It was simple to use, fast enough that even with the crowds that day there was little to no line or wait, and I would not hesitate to purchase them that way again.

It was absolutely packed when we got in. The show is at its biggest size ever with the expansion underway at COBO. Over 800,000 people came through to see the over 500 vehicles on display. We walked through the majority of the show’s main floor. I noticed a lot of people with bigger cameras – and noted the only thing that bothers me with that is that I get a little less respect for my camera when I try to set up a shot. The camera size doesn’t make people stop as much anymore. So I work a little harder to get the amazing images below. ;)








I then headed downstairs to check out the lower level. On the way, this group was performing classic Motown hits in the lobby.


The basement wasn’t quite as cool as in previous years, but I did enjoy the AISIN DriveGreen Experience where we were able to ride in an electric car.


I do wish the weather would give us 50+ degree weather on the weekends that the Auto Show runs, so I could enjoy more of the city (as well as all the other visitors), but I did enjoy myself nonetheless.

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