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Restaurant Review – Small Plates in Detroit, MI

small plates logo Today’s food review is of Small Plates on 1521 Broadway in Detroit. Located just across the street from the Opera House, this is a great place to grab a meal before a show. It’s also steps from the People Mover station and a perfect option for lunch when touring the city.

Small Plates, as you might guess from the name, is a type of tapas style themed dining experience. All the items served are well priced to get a variety to split with friends which is wonderful for the cuisine-indecisive. The menu is nicely varied with American, Asian, Mediterranean, and Italian fare. I went with some typical American selections to have something familiar to rate.

First up was an order of fries. These come with three dipping sauces: ketchup, chipotle aioli and malt vinegar. The chipotle aioli was divine. Just enough heat to make it interesting but by no means leaving a fire on your tongue. It complimented the perfectly salted potatoes.

Chris got the skillet cornbread. It came out piping hot in a mini iron skillet with a generous pat of butter on top. Very moist and flavorful, Chris happily let me have extra fries to get more cornbread to himself.

The main course as it were was a trio of sliders. These were awesome – Angus beef, grilled onions, white cheddar, bacon & chipotle aioli on tiny pretzel rolls. They were as delicious as they were adorable. Very juicy for their size (so many places can overcook such a small patty) and lots of flavor from the aioli that I was already in love with.

For dessert I was all over the Key Lime Pie as I am forever in search of a version that meets the standards of one who has had the “real deal” in Florida. This too had all the quality ingredients that the rest of the meal did. The pie is perfectly tart, and served with a side of fresh whipped cream and a drizzle of Vernors’ Ginger Ale caramel sauce that has to be tasted. If Chris didn’t know of my affinity for Key lime he may have fought me for the entirety of the plate.

All said I found the portions to be in line with the price given the quality of the ingredients. The staff were attentive and polite, and the huge front windows let in lots of light keeping the place bright and airy. I would definitely return and explore more of the menu.


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