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Week 14: Transportation 
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Curated by +Tisha Craw , +David Bowden , & +Susan Porter

A little late – as I've been in Lansing working a convention but here we go:

As a means of getting something or someone from one place to another, rappelling down a building might not be the first choice when you think of types of transportation, but that's how this guy gets things done.

Taken downtown Detroit from the roof of the Hockeytown Cafe.  While I could have just shot him as it was, I really liked the framing of the fence that was in front of me.  

Setting the camera to 2.8 (oh, who am I kidding, I live at 2.8) I backed up, zoomed in, left some out of focus circles in my image and made sure he was just slightly off center.  So while he's centered in the overall photo, he's roughly rule of thirds in the circle itself. 

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