After Report – Anime Park

This was our second year selling at Anime Park. It’s very well organized for such a new anime convention, and being a High School student run one at that. There were a good mix of panels and a great Maid Cafe, and seemed to be a decent turnout of attendees.

We’re here!

With that in mind, there are definitely some things that can be improved. Some I expect is out of their hands. For instance, we were in a different school this year. Still on the same campus, because the city of Canton has this unique setup where there are three high schools all on the same land. I’ve never quite understood why it was decided to be set up this way, but I know all three have a full roster of students every year.

Another awkward item were the tables. This year they didn’t have the same ones (being in a different building) and most of us ended up with the cafeteria folding tables with attached seats. This didn’t work both for my back and my display (the seats would have kept anyone from getting close enough to read the buttons) and they were very understanding about working with me.

This whole day was a bit off for me, as I was working both tables solo. My husband had to spend (it turned out) the entire day at the dealership trying to get us a new car, because ours had died the week before. On top of this, I had agreed to wander the convention and get some photos specifically for the con chair, Christine. So I had to throw a cloth over my display, and leave a sign that I would be back soon. I didn’t want to cancel on the agreement even if the circumstances were warranting. Despite the oddity of all of this, I did manage to get some good images.

Anime Park was in Salem HS this year

Registration was by $1 donation (more if you could)

Program guide

This excellent weeping angel came by my table and I asked for a photo.

Creepiest peek-a-boo ever!

Artist and Dealer room

The Maid Cafe was excellent. One of the better offerings and spaces I’ve seen. You can see below just how huge the menu was, and it was fairly busy every time I walked by.

Maid cafe host

The cafe was very popular


I waved one of the maids into the shot to pose

I stopped in several of the panels for pictures as well. Most look well attended and everyone was having a great time.

I – have no idea what is going on here.

“A Fine Set of Good Stories”

“Steam Powered Giraffe”

“MLP: Friendship is Magic”

I managed to catch this maid as she was running dishes back to be washed, and she sweetly agreed to stop and pose.

Maid Cafe staff


“How to Make a Character Correctly”

“Anime Dating Game”

You never know when you’ll have to defend yourself!

A quick self-pic before packing up to leave.

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