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XGames Bid for Detroit Party

The theme for the night: Bring XGames to Detroit!

As a finalist in the ESPN XGames search for a new city to host them for the next three years, Detroit stepped up and threw a massive bash to show ESPN just how this city can rock. With only three days notice we had a half pipe with BMX and skateboard demonstrations, food trucks serving up awesome menus, Mix Master Mike from the Beastie Boys spinning on a stage complete with light show and fog machine, and local graffiti artists showing their talent on large plywood boards.

All of this was set up in Campus Martius Park in just a few hours after business ended in the nearby Compuware Building. Did I mention that Detroit only knew three days ahead of time that ESPN was coming out to see the city in person?

BMX graffiti art.

Another art piece in progress.

Mix Master Mike

Despite a heavy downpour just a few hours ago – the crowd is huge and pumped up.

Some of the performers waiting for the half-pipe to clear.

There were some sick tricks going on.

How often do you see BMX’ers jumping Ninja Turtles?

Before heading home we stopped at the food trucks and decided to try the Grindhouse as it was new to us.

Top left: Fresh herb sausage corndog made with a masa corn batter and served with a Bavarian mustard
Top right: Vietnamese-style chicken sausage with cucumbers, pickled carrots & daikon, sprinkled with fried shallots & a squirt of Sriracha aioli
Bottom: Poutine made with Belgian cut fries, chorizo gravy, cheese curds and pickled peppers

Tasty food!

El Guapo Grill always knows where the party is.

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