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Detroit City Apartments Tour

As part of the intern program we’re given opportunities to check out various events and locations around Detroit. One such is an apartment building near Grand Circus Park called Detroit City Apartments. Not the best name (try googling it) but a nice building with a good price point for the offerings.

This outing was hosted by the After 5 Intern Program, which strives to show new talent like graduates and interns coming to the city why they should stay in Detroit. We were treated to some snacks/light fare and a tour of a model 2 bedroom along with some of the building amenities.

The lobby is decorated very chic. It definitely has a big city, high-end vibe right from the doors.

Our first stop was to the patio area dubbed the Sky Park. This has an outdoor kitchen & bar with two built-in grills, gaming area, fire pit, water features, swimming pool, tennis court and running track. The pool is more suited for lounging than swimming given its size, but it seems like a very nice space to hang out or throw a party.

Panoramic of the Sky Park – showing off the kitchen area

The snacks were hot dogs, chips and soda; which were laid out along the curved granite bar.

Assorted chips

Hot dogs / chili dogs – along with various condiments

A selection of Faygo – no Rock & Rye though!

The entire outer perimeter is decorated with grasses and flowers, and dotted with various decorations like this stone pagoda tower.

There is a full tennis court, with a running track surrounding it. As well, there is a foosball table and ping pong table available under the awning against the building.

For the most part I enjoyed myself.

But I’d be remiss if I didn’t say it gets pretty warm in full sun on a hot day. There’s no shade afforded by any nearby buildings, and only a few spots with some kind of cover available. For someone as prone to burning as myself, I don’t know that I’d be out here much in the summer.

I then moved on to the apartment tour. We saw a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, on one of the higher floors of the building. It was a nice size, and the 2 bathrooms were a bonus for anyone splitting a place. The view (which obviously is contingent upon how high up you are and what side you’re facing) was also excellent. You can visit their site for all the various layouts and pricing.


Passthrough window into the kitchen

Bedroom 1 (from the closet)

Bathroom 1 – the red light is a heat lamp. Nice for showers in the winter!

Bedroom 2

Bathroom 2

From there we headed to the Sky Club which had an outdoor terrace, kitchen & bar, lounge area, TVs, fireplace and a billiards table.

Lounge area

The photos feature some of Detroit’s notable celebrities.

Kitchen and bar

The view

Another panorama of the city

Looking up the street from the balcony

Parking is in a private garage connected to the building, so you don’t have to go slogging through the rain and snow. You’re also barely a block from the People Mover station and a short walk from Campus Martius. While I’m not ready to sell my house and move to the city just yet, this is definitely an affordable and attractive option for anyone who does want the convenience of living downtown.

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