Walk to End Alzheimer’s

The fight against Alzheimer’s disease is one that is close to me and my family. Just a few years ago my grandmother was diagnosed and unfortunately it wasn’t long after that before it took her from us as the person we knew. In body, she is as healthy as ever. She should be enjoying movie night with her girlfriends, holidays with family, the odd trip somewhere fun. Taking a walk and enjoying the day; the simplicity even of the sun on some flowers.

Instead, she no longer recognizes even her closest relatives, has no concept of time passing or what certain special days should mean. On top of that, and the part that is overlooked by people when Alzheimer’s is depicted, she is not who she was. Moments happen where she is spiteful and mean, something I could never picture my sweet, patient, Church Librarian grandmother; who spent days teaching me to knit despite the awkwardness of her being right handed and I being left (it’s odder than you think to explain to a child how to mirror a knit stitch properly, without it becoming a different stitch).

This year I have the fortune to be working downtown and in good health, and the walk was being held at Ford Field. I joined the Quicken Loans team and signed up to raise money before the walk. On the day of I checked in at our table and got my support shirt.

I’m actually wearing my work shirt however, as my team’s color happens to be purple and I thought that was a great coincidence. That I could walk with my Quicken Loans co-workers and proudly display my team’s support too.

There was a great sized crowd.

We hung out at the starting line waiting for the walk to get underway.

Some local mascots came out for the ribbon cutting. Grizz, Roary and Paws mingled with the crowd and posed for photos.

Everyone raised their flowers and a breeze set them spinning – a tribute to all affected, directly or indirectly.

The ribbon was cut – and we were on our way!

I spotted my Uncle Roger Bushnell, who is very involved with the organization, and stopped for a photo.

On to the walk! It was a one mile jaunt around Comerica Park and Ford Field.

Someone from Quicken Loans was taking photos/video throughout the walk.

This was a REALLY steep ramp

Look at the crowd!

We got to walk out onto the field.

Roger got up and spoke about all of the achievements ACT has made. Including the approval to allow Michigan residents to check a box and donate to the Alzheimer’s research fund directly out of their tax return.

A local news person came out to talk as well – and got the crowd fired up

They had free airbrushing for participants – which was a huge hit with the kids.

Kids of all ages…

Roary got in on the line-dancing.

I decided to head on home and let everyone party without me.

If you’d like to show your support – please make a donation, or become an advocate. Remember – your donations are tax deductible.

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