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Return to the Yachtsman Steakhouse

First fancy dinner night!

After initial sticker shock over the prices (I did not yet know the beauty of a prime steak) in 2011, the Yachtsman Steakhouse fast became and stayed our favorite (and yes, most expensive) meal.

Since he was our waiter each time (and a few times on my parents’ earlier visits) previously, we wanted to make sure we had the impeccable David guiding us through our meal again. I tried to call and get David’s section, but sadly only got a voicemail.

Once we arrived and checked in, we had a little wait for our table, so of course that meant picture time!

Yup, we’re goofs.

At first, we were seated at a booth which unfortunately doesn’t do well with my knees and back. We politely asked for a standard table which was not a problem. On the way back to the podium/waiting area, unbeknownst to me, we pass by David and Chris catches his eye and they do the “I know you!” look.

Guess whose section we get seated in? :D

What happens next is nothing short of astounding. David greets us warmly – he asks about mom and dad, says how mom is such a sweetheart, and are they here? No, not this trip.

He goes over the menu – and says “It’s been, what? Three years?” (Yep.) “I think you had the NY Strip last time?” (Yes again…) “Well, we’ve got a few new things, but the strip is still there….” :shocked: This man is a waiter-savant. Next he will say he knows what park I went to the days I came in to eat….

While we look over the menu, and consider his suggestions, out come my beloved roasted garlic bulb and onion rolls.

Heavenly. Also, I am never getting turned into a vampire. Or glitter.

When David returns to take our order – I comment “Do you know you’re internet famous?”

He gets a crooked grin and a slightly confused face and says Noo. I turn my phone around and show him the photo of himself from 2011. His face is priceless! “I still had hair!” he proclaims. “Look at the old jacket! I can’t wait to show my wife.” I hand him a business card and tell him how to find the post.

After getting our order and walking away – Chris and I are giggly at his reaction. I loved that he was SO happy. It’s awesome when I get to make a little magic for the CM’s. Okay, back to the food!

For appetizer, I go with David’s recommendation.

Chef’s Garden Heirloom Tomatoes

Chris gets a classic Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail

For mine, I must say, I’m not normally a tomato person. Especially raw. David talked so excitedly about this dish though, that I thought it was worth a try. Let me tell you I am SO glad I listened to him. They were the sweetest, ripest, most delicious tomatoes I may ever have in my life.

Somewhere within the pile of select tomatoes was some fresh mozzarella, which had the teeniest bit of red pepper on it to give a little heat with the acid of the tomato and the cream of the cheese. Finally there was compressed watermelon underneath which was like eating summer. Picture the best juiciest most fantastic watermelon you ever had as a child on a hot July day and this was BETTER.

Chris’s shrimp were a good classic cocktail. They did not cause me to write sonnets and weep like the tomatoes, but they were very good. :haha:

For the main course we decide to try a new item: the 32-oz Porterhouse for Two

We wanted so badly to love this. We cut in, drooling in antici – pation.

It may be hard to see here, but this steak died a horrible death. We like our steak on the red side. Medium rare to rare. So when we have trouble, honest trouble, cutting the meat with a steak knife… well. Something has gone wrong in the kitchen. There were char bits that went deeper than a little flare-up.

David – ever the professional – walked up and knew right away something was wrong. He was also having none of it. Immediately the offending steak was swept up and a new order was placed.

In the meantime, a lovely little palate cleanser is placed before us. A frozen pear sorbet – this literally tasted as though someone froze a pear and then smooshed it. It was yummy!

Ah – here we are. Back to our old friend: the 12-oz Prime New York Strip Steak

Mine swapped with a side of Au Gratin. Chris’s with the standard White Cheddar twice baked potato. Both have the excellent Brandy Peppercorn sauce on the side (it’s usually on top, can’t remember why it’s on the side here).

We were then presented with the dessert menu. At this point I deign to use the bathroom…

But not really. See, last time we were here there was a cake incident. (Which, incidentally, David-who-remembers-all also mentioned remembering!) Well, there were TWO cake incidents really. The first being that it never actually got properly ordered and the second… well, read for yourself.

So I decided to order a cake for Chris this time. I head to the podium to check on it. Are you getting ahead of me… yep. NO CAKE. Luckily I only wanted a standard 6″ chocolate which is something they keep on hand. They’re able (again) to make it right at the last minute with the chef. Note to self: call DAILY and make sure your cake order is in fact ordered in the future.

Back at the table – I order dessert.

I go the “out of the norm” route and pick the Chocolate-Peanut Cake – served with a Salted Caramel Gelato
It is very good, and very rich.

Chris goes the “typical” route and selects the Crème Brûlée
Always a good choice.

At this point the cake arrives. There is more giggling than I anticipated – and I am let in on the joke. When I got up to “use the ladies room” – Chris was making arrangements to ORDER A CAKE. :rotfl: He and David were coming up with a code word so as to remember the order, because he couldn’t charge it to that nights dinner as I’d be possibly suspicious.

Then David leaves this clandestine cake conspiracy only to find that I have an order about to go out to the table. He says he was nearly crying with laughter in the back over it all. Chris says “I think we can nix our Friday cake.” :haha:

David asks if we will be back before the end of our trip. Of course! On Friday. This is our first and last Disney dinner. He says that is great, as he will be working Friday. I tell him I will be getting an updated photo on Friday then. He laughs. Chris says “She’s serious – Friday is picture day. Don’t forget.” :D

We leave with a carefully boxed cake, and extremely full bellies, back to our resort.

The next day we have a party to attend!

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