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Our Morning in the Magic Kingdom

Tuesday morning arrives – and runs off while we’re sleeping. Hey, I never pretended to be a morning person, and that 6am start wasn’t going to be a trend.

Eventually we get going and head to the car. I snap a shot in the elevator. Let me take a quick moment to say THANK YOU to my ever patient husband for always toting the camera gear. It’s hard to see the size here, roughly an average diaper bag, and at least as insanely packed. He knows how much my photography profession (and obsession) means to me.

The parking garage of course had Lion King theming – we were most often in Timon’s section. He kind of looks like a sleezy car dealer here…

We parked (always photograph where you parked!):

Waited for the tram:

You just would not know that this hair is unchanged from last night. It gets so VIBRANT in the sun.

Someone with more colorful hair in front of us caught my eye.

Wild guess: I think she was at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. ;)

We choose the ferry for the ride over to the Magic Kingdom today.

Giving lovely waterside views of the Grand Floridian and Space Mountain.

Plus of course the Castle itself:

Wrong Castle… :lmao:

Watch the ride in:

Finally – we’re here!

Aren’t these guys adorable?! I want them for my house.

A few quick photopass shots and we head in.

These are the new shirts I mentioned by the way. You tell her the colors and sizes and depending on her order backlog she can even do some rush orders. Pixiecrafts is always great to work with.

Finally I was taking a picture of the decoration I’ve seen hundreds of photos of in the past, and it was awesome.

We were just in time for the Main Street Trolley Show

I can see her bloomers!

Watch the video of the show:

Then we get some photopass shots

Walked up main street:

Stopped to admire the castle:

Made our way through and on to Fantasyland:

I loved “Maurice’s Amazing Popping Machine”.

I also loved the halloween popcorn bucket, and ended up buying one empty (not a big popcorn fan) so I didn’t have to clean it out. The design is based on the old Skeleton Dance short, which has long been one of my favorites.
popcorn bucket

We have some time still before our lunch ADR, so we stop and have a snack in Gaston’s.


The cinnamon roll is HUGE!

Seriously, it nearly dwarfs the cup…

Speaking of the cup, that would be a mug of LeFou’s Brew. I thought it was delicious and let me applaud whoever thought to put the clear solo cup inside the souvenir mug so I don’t have to go find a place to wash the thing when I’m done!

More of those details – the throwing knife in the rafter.

Off to lunch!

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