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NAIAS 2015

Thanks to some good fortune at work – I had the chance to attend NAIAS this year multiple days. One of which being the Industry Preview night!

NAIAS Industry ticket

This might not sound like much, but to get in with my camera and not have throngs of general public crowding every shot was AMAZING. I work downtown, so I knocked off work a little early (yay for having a Team Leader who is both into cars and cameras and totally gets the significance of such an opportunity) hopped the People Mover and rode to COBO.

In the lobby they had a few race cars and some artwork displays.

This splatter-paint Ford logo was really cool.

Speaking of Ford – they were showing off several GT models.

Along with a full forest

The wire frame car on the wall was really cool.

A Mustang flipped on its side to show off advancements in the undercarriage.

Honda showing off a model jet. I don’t think this was for sale….

Off to the Mazda display. Friends will know I’m a pretty dedicated Mazda owner since meeting my husband. He has an RX-7 and his enthusiasm for it meant getting a Mazda 6 when we bought our first new car together. They’ve been excellent cars (we have a 3 right now) to us and the 6 was actually made in Flat Rock, Michigan so despite most people’s concept of “foreign” car, mine was assembled by local people and put money into my state’s economy. The global financial landscape isn’t as simple as it used to be, so take a step back and think before you glare at me.

The Grand Touring model.

The inset screen is the heads-up display. It flips up when active and gives you some minimal information while driving such as speed.

The interior of the Grand Touring – with the nav display. It’s not nearly as intrusive as I thought it would be in person.

The middle headrest is a bit obtrusive to the back view however.

Local Motors was demonstrating a 3D printed car. Yep – the entire chassis was being printed on the spot.

They then had a series of fenders showing the finishing process. From the rough print.

To a CNC routered smoothing.

Then a fine grain series of sanding finishes.

Finally the wax coating. No paint has gone onto the final product here – you’re just seeing a wax coated version of the initial black plastic that is laid down during printing.

Downstairs they were even showing off the full finished running vehicle – and for Industry Night, they were doing rides.

The new Volt.

Denso is a supplier of advanced automotive technology, systems and components. At Detroit Auto Show their smart city vision was displayed, bringing together automotive safety technology and solar technology to create a more environmentally conscious city.

Cars will be able to navigate through the use of V2X and DSRC technology throughout the city without the use of traffic lights. They communicate with each other, and with the surrounding infrastructure and have the ability to react to pedestrians. Solar technology will power the smart city and cars utilize the solar generated electric power.

Some kind of charity dinner event going on. I flashed my media credentials and wandered in for pictures.

They’re adorable – but still too pricey for the loss of luggage room.

Mini Cooper


They had a telepresence robot rolling around with someone from Germany talking to attendees. The woman chatting with him told him to look down to his left. He responded that really wasn’t within his capabilities so she scooped the boy up to the camera. “Ah! Hello!” Once realizing he had a young inquisitor (and wasn’t really being asked to look down) he lowered the post to eye level for the boy.

His dad helped prompt him with some answers. Age, grade, yes he likes building things. Perhaps when they go to the UK they will visit VW in Germany. “I would like that!” answers the remote VW employee. “Keep working hard in school and maybe you can come build thinks for us some day.”

A line of Porsche’s.

The Michelin man stood very still waiting for someone to pose with him. Off in the background was a statue version as well, playing into the convincing of passerby that he was another prop.

Soon as the picture was taken RAWR and AUGH!


Corvette racer

A little magazine cover treatment

Jeep loves doing gravity defying displays. Loved this one climbing the wall.

I’m not a Bentley fan, but this shade of purple is gorgeous.

Fully 3D printed car frame.

Talking to the US Army about the towed Howitzer.

As always, most of the general floor is fairly standard, but it’s always cool to see the unique items in the lower level. It was especially awesome to go when there were so few people, and have the time to take clear open shots of the cars.

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