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Smoke Ring BBQ – Food Trucks in Detroit

There is a limited selection of good BBQ this far north. To find excellent BBQ in a food truck is sublime, and so is their meat!

Don’t let this picture fool you. Word has gotten around about this truck, and they are regularly sold out of their ribs and brisket if you get there too late.

They maintain a simple menu. Do a specific thing and do it well is always a good motto. For a current selection and pricing, make sure to visit their website.

The ribs are a dry rub. You get to wet it up yourself with varying levels of heat from their house-made selection of sauces.

It’s easy to see why they sell out. Just look at that pile of brisket.

They let their meat sit in its own juices and renderings. All that flavor gets sucked back in. The mix of shredded and chunked meat (it’s all hand processed) makes for a nice mouth-feel with the variety of textures.

If you have a chance – stop and give them a try. They are frequently down at Campus Martius through the Spring/Summer food truck season.

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