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Pop Goes the Century

When we last left off – we had a delicious dinner at the Yachtsman Steakhouse, then drove off into the sunset to check in at Pop Century.

Skip to the 32:22 mark for a reminder of our arrival.

The decade signs stand outside the front of the building.

This caution sign was nicely lit in the dark – I don’t know what it was cautioning against, but I had to stop for a photo.

We get our room – and walk through the pool area (that we didn’t have the energy to try).

The room had more “fun” touches to it than our Kidani stay – with actual animal towels.

The room was small but clean.

I like the characters “through the decades” on the throw.

If you recall from the end of our video, we had a less than stellar first impression from our check-in and the morning wasn’t faring much better. We could hear every bit of sound through the walls of people walking by. I did not notice that kind of noise with our CSR rooms last trip, and it had a similar outdoor walkway setup.

A few daylight shots of our pool area.

We head into the main building.

Actual payphones! They take the decades theming seriously…

Cool light fixtures inside.

Interesting to see they have alcohol in coolers here.

Clearly not maintained as nicely as the other resorts – someone (a child I’m going to guess based on placement – and it wasn’t near a table so it wasn’t accidentally swept onto the glass) stuck the syrup lid on the window.

This looked excellent on the menu:

However, what I got was a far cry. That pale pile of stuff at the bottom front of the plate is supposed to be the lovely golden square of hashbrown casserole pictured above. You can barely tell them apart from my eggs . . .

On top of that, WHY would you dilute real maple syrup with TWO kinds of corn syrup??

Chris’ pizza at least looked ok – but the taste did not match. We both ended up very sad and hungry after our breakfast. A few torturous bites and it went in the trash.

Finally I took an obligatory bite of their tie-dye cheesecake because we were here. Instead of a graham cracker crust it’s actually cake. I didn’t care for this at all either.

A few more shots outside – and then we film our goodbye video.

See ya real soon! Well, WDW – not Pop Century.

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