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We’re Going to Disneyland!!

We check out from the Queen Mary – hop in the car – and head down to Anaheim. Today starts our Disneyland adventure!

I take a quick snap of the sign to send to family – and because YAY DISNEY!!!

Walking up – the hotel is a little generic looking.

The bronze statues are very cute though!

A large castle rug in the front entrance.

I adore this concept art.

Even the bathroom has cute vintage poster print wallpaper.

I checked in at the front desk – and the lovely Veronica said if I didn’t mind waiting, she’d give me a bit of pixie dust and get us her personal favorite room. I had no problem waiting!

I wandered into the kids area and sat down to watch some shorts. I was the only one in here.

After a bit, I decided to explore the grounds. Plus I was getting hungry for breakfast.

We later hit the pool – but I was too chicken to try the slide.

A full character dining was a bit much all by myself, but look how adorable the sign is.

Even the back has a stamp.

I spotted one of the famous Disney kitties wandering around.

Then I came upon the Tangaroa Terrace. I texted Chris to see how much longer he’d be, and if I should wait. He said to go ahead and eat, so I went in.

I ordered the Angus 1/3 lb Hawaiian Cheeseburger
A Ground Angus Burger with Teriyaki Sauce, fresh Caramelized Pineapple, Havarti Cheese, Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato on a Multigrain Bun Hawaiian Roll with a side of Sweet Potato Fries

This would turn out to be one of the best meals of our Disney stay. (We ended up very much missing the meals from WDW).

Adorable topiary. Pluto, Mickey and Minnie.

A big sorcerer’s hat – with diamonds decorated around it for the celebration.

I got a text that our room was ready!! I went back to the front desk and got our keys, and headed out to the Adventure Tower.

The lobby area.

The carpet as you step out of the elevator.

Our bathroom. I really like the soft green.

Mickey faucet handles.

I love the castle design made of diamonds.

The sleeping area. I so wanted to take that headboard . . .

Awesome photo.

Mickey head in the carpet

And the lamp.

Mickey even in the stitching of the sheets!

Finally the view from our room. She did not steer us wrong – this is LOVELY.

Up next: Checking out Downtown Disney

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