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Visiting Downtown Disneyland

We have tickets for Mickey’s Halloween Party tonight – but decided to take our time and check out the Downtown Disney area before we hit the parks.

Cool part of the Disneyland Hotel? You literally walk outside our hotel and down the sidewalk and you’re RIGHT THERE.

Despite October not being over – the decorations for Christmas are already going up.

We stop at Earl of Sandwich for a late lunch. Despite what the wrapper says – I was allowed to have it. 

I got the kids grilled cheese. I wanted something light and simple, and it was good for a basic grilled cheese.

It came with a small cup of tomato soup. Of course. It was good and creamy, and the croutons had a nice texture.

Chris had “The Original 1762®” – Roasted Beef, Cheddar and Horseradish Sauce. He really enjoyed his as well. Good flavor, nice crunch to the bread.

The tree was already up too, but only had lights on it.

It didn’t take long to find the LEGO store. Check out this Belle and Beast!

To Infinity, and BEYOND!

I want this dragon for the roof of my house. Checkout the transparent pieces in the wings! I love Maleficent.

Brickley! He was looped all through the store – going right through the walls.

You ain’t never had a LEGO set like me!


Fist bump.

We got a churro, and threw it out pretty fast. It was stale and nearly tasteless. We were glad we’d had good churros on the pier and weren’t judging them based on this…

I stopped to take a photo of the apple display and Jeremy here flashed me a gorgeous smile.

It was really cool watching these get made.

One lone jack-o-lantern Mickey gets to look out the window.

It was so very warm. Time to go chill (literally) in the room until it was time for the party. I sent this shot to my Dad when he asked what the weather was like. hah

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