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Hitchhiking Ghosts and an Extra Splashy Mountain

We head back to Disneyland Park this morning, this time with the plan of jogging over to get some Haunted Mansion FastPasses. We are learning the differences between here and DisneyWorld pretty quickly.

We spot Chip and Dale in adorable bobby police outfits.

Goofy was dressed for Halloween in a skeleton costume.

I went to the top of the railroad station and got some photos of the classic transportation vehicles.

I love the horse drawn trolley – it looks like it’s floating.

Chris was awesome and went running for the fastpasses while I meandered over getting photos. Seeing the Nightmare Before Christmas version was my single must-do for this trip.

I grabbed a table at River Belle Terrace so we could have breakfast while we waited for our return time.

We got the Mark Twain – scrambled eggs, country-style potatoes, bacon, and cornbread

Cinnamon Roll French Toast

And a Mickey pancake because duh, it’s a Mickey pancake. :D

I had tried to take a picture from a distance, but his mom spotted me and told me to come on over and get a proper photo. This kid was adorable – even if he looks anxious like the T-Rex ate him.

Jack just doesn’t look right. I can’t believe this is a Disney costume. The fabric on the neck doesn’t match the head. It just feels like something I can get at a local Halloween shop… Not intentional, but the girl’s face was my feeling seeing him. heh

Finally – we get to see the Haunted Mansion!

I spot Chris!

So many great details! I love this stained glass.

The ceiling of the stretching room.


I really like the colored pencil look of the drawings/art.

Changing paintings:


The singing busts are in the queue:

Waiting for our buggy – Merry Christmas from Halloweentown.

Madame Leota is in an ornament – I love it.

I was glad I had seen tips about the ride and was prepared when the headless hitchhiker showed up. I got a great shot.

This is the point the ride stopped for a bit, as you’ll see in the video below.

After hanging out with the Halloweentown crew, we head into the woods and visit:

Man, did we get soaked too.

The boats aren’t nearly as buoyant at this park… and our Br’er Bear butts meant some bigger than expected splashes for the random family in front of us. They were not pleased… as you can hear in the video.

From here we hop to the other side to see some more of California Adventure.

To be continued…

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