Wheel of Screams and World of Color
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Wheel of Screams and World of Color

Today is our World of Color dining package! First we wander around to dry off from the drenching we got.

Down to the wharf.

A quick bakery tour.

Look at this cute photo spot – great illusion.

Onto the Pier

To visit… A ‘ el’s Grotto. So disappointing to see this in disrepair. Not even a temporary sign over it.

After a 20 minute wait, we are seated, and brought some sourdough rolls. Sourdough isn’t my favorite, but these were freshly baked and pretty good.

The details in the restaurant were cute, but it still felt lackluster.

Obligatory Mickey Head.

I really liked the lemonade at WDW, so I opted for it here: All-Natural Lemonade – topped with Wildberry Foam with a glow cube.
It’s hard to see, but the glow cube is in the shape of a diamond for the celebration. Now that’s pretty cool.

We both opted for the same dish.
Grilled Lobster Tail and Red Oak-smoked Honey-Whiskey Barbecue Tri-Tip – with Mashed Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables

Dessert – L to R:
Creme Brulee, S’more Bar, Chocolate dipped strawberry

Since we were celebrating, we got a complimentary pretty fruit plate as well.

Overall the meal was as raggedy as the outside. None of it wow’d us with flavor. As many have stated, you’re paying for the seating with a side of dinner.

Now to wait for the show. The wheel is beautiful at night.

We walk along the pier to kill time.

Headed for Mickey’s Fun Wheel.


After (I had no idea just how accurate this would be…)

WARNING. Turn down your speakers when watching this video. If you thought you’ve heard me scream on a ride before, that was nothing.

Chris took video with his phone to capture my terror, while I tried to keep my wits enough to shoot video/photos with my camera.

Now that I’ve lost my voice, and a few years off my life – let’s go see a nice quiet water show.

So pretty!

Yum, cotton candy.

I had gotten a medical pass and requested the handicap seating for the show. This was before I had a brace and leg pumps and managing so many hours on my feet was very difficult. It wasn’t a bad setup, but Chris wasn’t allowed to sit with me which was odd. He could stand behind me however. Which was fine – he was ok with saving space for someone else who absolutely needed it.

The truly upsetting bit was the ADA benches had a fence in front of them, and then a standing area in front of that. Anyone seated (wheelchairs) had a poor view.

We left the water and headed to the desert of Cars Land.

The details are so great. All the spots from the movie are recreated. They are mostly shops or props however.

I needed an oil can drink cup of course.

I had NO idea that they actually drove through the area. It was so awesome to see Lightning McQueen rolling down the street.

We made sure to get our photo, too.

We took a shortcut through the Bug’s Land back to Hollywood.

You really might see ANYTHING at Disney:
Person in Deadpool costume with Mickey ears hat

We headed back to our hotel – it’s our last night. Only one more day in Disneyland.

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