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    The Haul

    Well, the paper has been shredded, and now the Christmas aftermath has taken over the living room. I am blessed to have a BF who remembers (or writes down) the little things I pine over throughout the year(s) and makes note to try and track them down. My shining example of this, and the glory of my collection: The holy grail of collector’s pieces, the ever elusive and oh so limited Lain Lunchbox Set. *insert sound of jaw hitting floor and incoherant babbling* Yes, you read right. Lain Lunchbox. STILL IN SHRINKWRAP WITH ALL PRICE TAGS INTACT. I collect to enjoy of course, so after photo preservation it was opened,…

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    It’s been four years since she’d seen Sasha or Nicholai. Every night she used the gifts passed down from her father to make sure they were still ok. Still, alive. She was sure she would know anyway. There was a bond that was stronger than her family’s power. Just like she knew the moment her parents…. They’d left seeking answers, and vengence, afterwards. Promising to return before winter. Instead, she sat through many lonely quiet winters with no word from either brother or lover. Sonya shook her head, clearing temporarily the dark thoughts that forever tried to settle. She stepped outside, breathing deeply the fresh morning air. She settled the…

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    Only 3 days till Christmas. I think I’ll dye my hair purple tonight. It’ll match the shirt Steph sent. It’s an awesome tee-shirt material, long sleeve, deep royal purple, with Naomi and Grimm on the front. Fits wonderfully too. I have made some of the coolest friends since Sonya came along. (No, not because I got a shirt, =P ) It’s cool having people who share my interests, my sense of humor, and my darkest perversions, (sometimes all at once!). Naru had a sudden fit over the furnace closet, and when BF investigated, the doors were covered in water. Again. (Last time it was the upstairs apt. water heater.) Maint.…

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    Random photos

    Went to a friend’s house yesterday, and as always, used the opportunity to get some new photos. She’s very much into an Asian zen type of decor, so it makes for some fun props. I love being in a group of non-doll people, and having them all go “omg that is so cute!” and whip out their cell phones to grab a picture. *grin* Things have been rough around here, I think Sonya was asking for a peaceful and happy holiday and new year. The pagoda style candle holders were very pretty in the dark. The first one, with the second light in the background, is my favorite. Then I…

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    On a happier note

    The Summer Swap items arrived yesterday. I took some hurried pictures while waiting for the tow truck. I have a photo setup system on my Christmas list and am really hoping I get it. Otherwise, it’s on my birthday list, (3 wks after Christmas.) lol Anyhow, due to an odd turn of events, I ended up with two swap gifts. My original swap partner (to me) decided to sell their doll to fund getting a dream doll. This meant no longer having a model with which to help make a gift to send. Quite understandable. So her partner (sending to her) contacted me and asked my opinion on a resolution.…

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    What a month, Christmas is just around the corner, and as always, I have a TON of shopping to do. Meanwhile, my dear bf agreed to let me go in on one more group order. Since there isn’t enough time for him to really get any doll related stuff, (so much of it being overseas), he said I could order just a few things and they could be Christmas presents. (So far he hasn’t taken anything away once it’s got here though. He’s so good to me. Said that he wasn’t really going to count them as presents.) I am waiting for a pair of goggles from Anotherspace. The Cheerydoll…

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    Faceup choices

    At some point, I would love to try doing faceups. In the meanwhile, PSP will have to fulfill my desires. I just adore this shot, even if the barrettes are huge. I photoshopped the eyebrows to a more neutral color for her hair. I tend to choose wigs in dark browns and blacks, (when I’m not picking outrageous stuff like orange or blue), and really need to get rid of those red orange brown eyebrows that are her default.