• Wheel of Screams and World of Color
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    Wheel of Screams and World of Color

    Today is our World of Color dining package! First we wander around to dry off from the drenching we got. Down to the wharf. A quick bakery tour. Look at this cute photo spot – great illusion. Onto the Pier To visit… A ‘ el’s Grotto. So disappointing to see this in disrepair. Not even a temporary sign over it. After a 20 minute wait, we are seated, and brought some sourdough rolls. Sourdough isn’t my favorite, but these were freshly baked and pretty good. The details in the restaurant were cute, but it still felt lackluster. Obligatory Mickey Head. I really liked the lemonade at WDW, so I opted…

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    Hitchhiking Ghosts and an Extra Splashy Mountain

    We head back to Disneyland Park this morning, this time with the plan of jogging over to get some Haunted Mansion FastPasses. We are learning the differences between here and DisneyWorld pretty quickly. We spot Chip and Dale in adorable bobby police outfits. Goofy was dressed for Halloween in a skeleton costume. I went to the top of the railroad station and got some photos of the classic transportation vehicles. I love the horse drawn trolley – it looks like it’s floating. Chris was awesome and went running for the fastpasses while I meandered over getting photos. Seeing the Nightmare Before Christmas version was my single must-do for this trip.…

  • Melting in Disney and Mad Hatter Dancing
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    Melting in Disney and Mad Hatter Dancing

    Our first morning waking up in Disneyland! We got up and went down to Tangaroa Terrace for breakfast. Chris opted for the breakfast platter – Scrambled Eggs with Roasted Potatoes, Island Fruit and Bacon I went for the Loco Moco – a juicy Hamburger Patty served over Rice and topped with Brown Gravy and a Fried Egg with a side of Island Fruit (I also immediately taunted my friend Cozy with it). I am definitely a “rummage in the fridge for leftovers” breakfast type so this suited me. We went back up to the room to set up the camera equipment for the day, because we were too exhausted the…

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    Mickey’s Halloween Party – Disneyland Edition

    Halloween in Disneyland It’s party time!! As we walk up to the gates we see a not unexpected sign: We’ve got our tickets already though, so onward! Aren’t the carved “pumpkins” cute? Mickey has his party mask on. Mickey Pumpkin projections twirl on the ground. This huge floating Mickey ghost was so cool. Spooky eyes blinked and followed you on the buildings. Sidebar: I adore Halloween. I love the time of year, the fun decorations, the excuse to dress silly, all of it. I do however have one very severe phobia for a web-based-thing that tends to feature heavily during Halloween. It’s a deep enough phobia that we don’t even…

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    Visiting Downtown Disneyland

    We have tickets for Mickey’s Halloween Party tonight – but decided to take our time and check out the Downtown Disney area before we hit the parks. Cool part of the Disneyland Hotel? You literally walk outside our hotel and down the sidewalk and you’re RIGHT THERE. Despite October not being over – the decorations for Christmas are already going up. We stop at Earl of Sandwich for a late lunch. Despite what the wrapper says – I was allowed to have it.  I got the kids grilled cheese. I wanted something light and simple, and it was good for a basic grilled cheese. It came with a small cup…

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    Of Queen and Mouse and Keeping it Weird

    I have the privilege of working for a company that is willing to cover training costs so long as they are beneficial to both my job and worth sharing with my team. So it was that I came across an interesting conference on CSS tips and best practices (stuff relating to the web development that I do) that was being hosted in Long Beach, CA. I’d been to San Francisco in 2013 and had a fabulous time so I decided to cash in some serious vacation days and make a proper sightseeing trip out of it all. Might as well take advantage of being on the other side of the…

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    We’re Going to Disneyland!!

    We check out from the Queen Mary – hop in the car – and head down to Anaheim. Today starts our Disneyland adventure! I take a quick snap of the sign to send to family – and because YAY DISNEY!!! Walking up – the hotel is a little generic looking. The bronze statues are very cute though! A large castle rug in the front entrance. I adore this concept art. Even the bathroom has cute vintage poster print wallpaper. I checked in at the front desk – and the lovely Veronica said if I didn’t mind waiting, she’d give me a bit of pixie dust and get us her personal…

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    Pop Goes the Century

    When we last left off – we had a delicious dinner at the Yachtsman Steakhouse, then drove off into the sunset to check in at Pop Century. Skip to the 32:22 mark for a reminder of our arrival. The decade signs stand outside the front of the building. This caution sign was nicely lit in the dark – I don’t know what it was cautioning against, but I had to stop for a photo. We get our room – and walk through the pool area (that we didn’t have the energy to try). The room had more “fun” touches to it than our Kidani stay – with actual animal towels.…

  • Chris and Melanie in front of Yacht Club
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    Our Last Disney Dinner – Yachtsman Steakhouse

    From EPCOT we drive over to the Yacht Club Resort for our last DDP meal. We start with an amuse-bouche I get the Farmer’s Market Salad – I love granny smith apples in a salad. Chris gets an amazing looking Caesar Salad. We wisely stick with what we love, and go out on one more order of 12-oz Prime New York Strip Steak. Chris also goes with a side of au gratin potatoes. My delicious pile of mushrooms We’re treated to this lovely dessert sampler Chris got the The Yachtsman Sundae for his dessert choice. A Trio of Gelato and Amarena Cherries While I had the Fig Cheesecake – with…

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    Last day in the Kingdom – with a dash of Epcot

    Friday morning and we have to pack up. :(  It will be our last day visiting the magical lands. I start it off with some Lucky Charms in the hopes it will enchant me and make the day seem as long as possible. We wave to the animals as we roll our things out to the car. These grasses are so soft and pretty! I’m sure they’d hate the weather back home, but I’d love to have them in my yard. Chris stops to grab himself some ‘breakfast’. Nuggets and crack sauce. Then we roll out to the Magic Kingdom. Fred was an awesome driver! Very engaging and humorous. I…