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    D&D Stories – The Beginning of the Adventures of Pete (and some other guys)

    Hello and welcome to the ongoing “Adventures of Pete (and some other guys…)”. The group has been going every week excepting a few holidays or vacations since that first session. Yes, that is the official title of the group, and yes, they chose it themselves just the way it is written. With the the ‘other people’ besides Pete being thrown in as though they were an afterthought. Pete has a healthy dose of self-esteem. Let’s do introductions then: Left to right: Belphagor, Yoshim, Zanziver, Pete, and Serena Belphagor – a tiefling warlock. Obsessed with proving his worth, he can tell tales about himself nearly as tall as Pete does, though…

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    How I Became Obsessed with D&D

    Welcome to the beginning of the ongoing documentation of my new D&D group. My name is Melanie and I will be your dungeon mistress. This is my first time DM’ing a game, and – with the exception of a single awful lone-character one-shot that was DM’d by a friend with a power complex (SilverSong never had a chance) – I have never even played the game. My husband, Chris, had started playing D&D when he was about 6. Growing up a single child but with older uncles who were of the right age in the mid-80’s to be wholly into playing RPG’s, Chris has fond memories of an early introduction…

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    How to Get Into Your Character

    You often hear that some of the best D&D games happen when everyone is completely immersed into the story as their character[s]. But for new players who weren’t theatre nerds, this can be a challenge. This is the case with the group I am currently running and so I put together this small guide to try and provide helpful tips and suggestions on how to better develop your character to get into their headspace and therefore better roleplay as them. A lot of the game is up to a roll of the dice, but how you play your character is all you. What kind of role player are you? If…