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    CSS Dev Conf – Day 1

    I won’t bore you with the details of the week of training I did – but instead, I’ll go through some of the shots I got in between sessions and after hours. Sunrise from my room porthole. A jelly-fish like light fixture in one of the meeting rooms. Awesome view of the opposite shore! I later found out that this doubles for a Miami backdrop in TONS of shows and movies. Because it’s just easier to film it all in the LA area – and most folks don’t know any better. The mountains in the background are the most famous mountains Miami doesn’t have. This was the original tourism office.…

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    Of Queen and Mouse and Keeping it Weird

    I have the privilege of working for a company that is willing to cover training costs so long as they are beneficial to both my job and worth sharing with my team. So it was that I came across an interesting conference on CSS tips and best practices (stuff relating to the web development that I do) that was being hosted in Long Beach, CA. I’d been to San Francisco in 2013 and had a fabulous time so I decided to cash in some serious vacation days and make a proper sightseeing trip out of it all. Might as well take advantage of being on the other side of the…

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    My Visit to the Queen

    We head out to the airport – Chris dutifully dragging both luggages so I can work the camera. We hop the shuttle over to our terminal. McNamara is the cool terminal – but only a few airlines fly out of it. We get through TSA with a small amount of hassle… See, packing a ton of charging cables, camera lenses, and M&M tubes full of pennies looks AWFULLY suspicious on the xray. I got my hands swabbed for explosives and everything. This is the biggest airliner we’ve been on. It’s got 3 rows of seats – and yet it’s the narrowest walkway evah. The luggage barely rolls, let alone us…

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    The Peterboro

    Just a quick cell-phone review of The Peterboro in Midtown Detroit. Serving up Chinese-American food with a fancier flair. It’s not your “eat out of a take-out box” Chinese food, but with the beautiful jade green tile and large tiger painting, you’ll want to sit down to eat anyway. Image courtesy Eater: Detroit We got a couple of “small plates”. BURNT EDAMAME soy, maldon sea salt These were absolutely delicious. CRISPY PORK BELLY five spice, sweet bean sauce The pork belly wasn’t very good; the skin wasn’t as crispy as I’d expected, and the meat and fat were quite chewy. Like, cheap squid chewy… It’s interesting that this isn’t listed…

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    Miami to Michigan

    It was a happy sign that as soon as we got on the highway, we spotted a Raven transport truck. I was on my way to visit my team leader in Miami, and our team name is Ravens. Our friends decided the best time in Miami had to involve the water – so we headed out to Shuckers for dinner. Aren’t they the cutest couple? We start with some wings. And conch fritters. Gargoyles keep watch over the restaurant and the water. Lovely view And it only got better with the sunset.(Minus that weird bearded guy… ) Quick! Which one is the statue? Windy group shot! Showing off my selfie…

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    Pop Goes the Century

    When we last left off – we had a delicious dinner at the Yachtsman Steakhouse, then drove off into the sunset to check in at Pop Century. Skip to the 32:22 mark for a reminder of our arrival. The decade signs stand outside the front of the building. This caution sign was nicely lit in the dark – I don’t know what it was cautioning against, but I had to stop for a photo. We get our room – and walk through the pool area (that we didn’t have the energy to try). The room had more “fun” touches to it than our Kidani stay – with actual animal towels.…

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    Our Last Disney Dinner – Yachtsman Steakhouse

    From EPCOT we drive over to the Yacht Club Resort for our last DDP meal. We start with an amuse-bouche I get the Farmer’s Market Salad – I love granny smith apples in a salad. Chris gets an amazing looking Caesar Salad. We wisely stick with what we love, and go out on one more order of 12-oz Prime New York Strip Steak. Chris also goes with a side of au gratin potatoes. My delicious pile of mushrooms We’re treated to this lovely dessert sampler Chris got the The Yachtsman Sundae for his dessert choice. A Trio of Gelato and Amarena Cherries While I had the Fig Cheesecake – with…

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    Smoke Ring BBQ – Food Trucks in Detroit

    There is a limited selection of good BBQ this far north. To find excellent BBQ in a food truck is sublime, and so is their meat! Don’t let this picture fool you. Word has gotten around about this truck, and they are regularly sold out of their ribs and brisket if you get there too late. They maintain a simple menu. Do a specific thing and do it well is always a good motto. For a current selection and pricing, make sure to visit their website. The ribs are a dry rub. You get to wet it up yourself with varying levels of heat from their house-made selection of sauces.…

  • ShutoCon 2015 – after con report
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    ShutoCon 2015 – after con report

    Normally we go to ShutoCon as artists – selling our usual array of buttons. This year however due to conflicting schedules I missed out on alley registration and decided to just buy a normal badge. It’s been YEARS since we’ve hit a convention as regular run-of-the-mill attendees. I’m always either working a table or official press. So it was very weird and kind of lost-feeling to not have a “purpose” each day. I had a work commitment in the morning so couldn’t roll in until the afternoon. Lunch per usual was at El Azteco. It may not be the most authentic mexican place you can stop at, but the burritos…

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    Rattlesnake Club – Detroit Restaurant Week Review

    Our third and final meal for this year’s spring restaurant week is The Rattlesnake Club. It’s located in the Stroh’s 300 River Place building, which is a recognized historic site. The restaurant has been operating here since 1988 and is named for the buzzing energy of its kitchen. For this trip we took my parents out with us, as it’s not often the two of them get such an extravagant meal out. The handrails are a long rattlesnake. They have a great patio area available, which overlooks the riverfront. It was a bit too windy and cool yet to use though. We sat down and looked over the menu –…