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    Well, as I’m sure you’ve seen the blog got quite the overhaul today! Part of it is an effort to clean up (if I was feeling overwhelmed, it’s a problem) and part to bring it closer to the feeling of our other sites. First – the launch of my official photography site is coming soon. It’s live at: but right now there’s not much to see in the galleries. Expect more and a full announcement later on that. Second – Chris (the brains behind DisjointedCode) will be moving to his own blog soon. He has lots of cool stuff and ideas to share and wanted his own space so…

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    On JAFAX and Future Cons

    Hi all! JAFAX has now come and gone, and again you guys made it a wonderful experience. It was down to hours before to decide if we’d be able to go, since I had had an injury just days prior. On crutches and less than comfortable tucked onto a folding chair you made it worth the trip. Thank you to everyone that came by, and for all the well wishes. Thanks to Brian as always for his understanding, help, and inspiration! NEXT! Our next convention will be GarasuNoShiCon in Perrysburg, OH from July 17 to 18th. Admission is free and I hear they have a FULL artist’s alley. All the…

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    Whew. ACen is over for another year. Hard to believe it went by so fast. I am only now getting to my writeup on it, as I’ve been recovering from “con plague”. I had a fantastic time despite a few hiccups (fire evacuation!), and it was wonderful seeing everyone. We had a fair number of cosplayers (and just people wanting a souvenir) come by for their photo buttons. Next year I promise we’ll have a good stock of colors for the decorative rings so no one misses out! There was a great response and feedback for MahJong House as well. Thank you to everyone who not only purchased it, but…

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    ACen – Less than a week!

    Ok everyone – the big event is almost here: ACen! DisjointedImages will once again be making a grand appearance to provide you with a variety of funny-because-it’s-true buttons for all kinds of fandoms. New this year is our active use of our Twitter feed – keep an eye on it for random specials and codes. I’ve worked hard to have lots of new designs, and as always will have the cosplay photo setup available. Stop by!

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    Button news

    Thank you to everyone who came out to Animarathon! Now that the con circuit season is about to get in full swing here at Disjointed Images (ACEN in 29 days!) we’re focusing on what new designs to have on display. I’ve got some great ones already in the works, but as always, you’ll have to come find us to see them. Past designs are always found on our shop. We also now have HEARTS for the photo buttons in red and silver! These work just like the colored rings, only in a heart shape (with an open center for the picture). If you’ve got any requests or suggestions please post…