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    Ubercart review

    The new store is up and running – and I have to take a few minutes to share my adoration for our new software that is running it: Ubercart. Powered by Drupal, Ubercart is a free, open source e-commerce solution that allows for endless customization and integration with nearly any site. Even better, it requires little knowledge of php or sql etc to implement. Granted, I do know some of this and that only made the setup faster and even more fluid. Prior, I was working with OsCommerce. A nice cart to be sure, but just way too code heavy, and requiring massive amount of rewriting of full php pages…

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    On Gaming and Games

    I recently heard about a new social site specifically geared to gamers: After poking around and signing up, I found I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a very well made site, and shock of shocks, it works as advertised! You can find me at: One of the downsides to developing a game, is that actually getting to play any is difficult. I’ve got quite a few recent and/or soon to be released games that I’d love to sit down with. Hopefully you’ll see my status update as I get that chance, along with further reviews here. Here’s my short lineup: Tales of Monkey Island – C’mon! A new Monkey…