Faceup choices

    At some point, I would love to try doing faceups. In the meanwhile, PSP will have to fulfill my desires. I just adore this shot, even if the barrettes are huge. I photoshopped the eyebrows to a more neutral color for her hair. I tend to choose wigs in dark browns and blacks, (when I’m not picking outrageous stuff like orange or blue), and really need to get rid of those red orange brown eyebrows that are her default.

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    New eyes for Sonya

    I did a small session of photos last night for a jewelry promo for someone on DOA. I took the opportunity to finally put in Sonya’s violet eyes, (since my Volks eye putty arrived too, oif! am I never turning back!) and try and get some nice closeups. One of them didn’t show the eye color, but was so starkly different from the Kurenai that originally arrived that I was just blown away. Even my bf commented on it. <img src=”http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v647/frzndaqiri/kanisaugenviolet.jpg” alt=”” /> I just love the Kanis Augen eyes. The violet is hard to capture, and I’m going to have to wait for some sunlight I think to do…

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    Sonya at the Woodward Dream Cruise

    I have a sunburn like you would not believe! It was a lot of fun walking around though, and taking pictures was great. A little girl on her dad’s shoulders goes by and points at Sonya and in an awed voice goes “I want a doll like that!” It was great! Then I’m walking past this big burly guy and he looks at her and said *Al Pacino voice* “Say hello to your little friend!” That just cracked me up! First just modelling her outfit: Then on an old 40’s, um, something. Then my favorite. I asked the owner of this Ferrari Testarossa if I could place her on the…