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    Midwest Media Expo 2014 – After Con Report

    The first ever Midwest Media Expo just ran and I was lucky enough to be chosen to cover it as Press. If some of the staff look familiar here it’s because the event is helmed by the same people who run Youmacon. It is not simply another anime convention however. As the name suggests they are highlighting a broad scope of media – film and print, comic and animation, voice actors and artists.

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    Go!Daiko-con – after report

    Go!Daiko-con is a smaller convention based in Michigan, but is showing steady growth. It started in 2009 as Anime Detroit, and changed to its current name in 2011. They had a general Zombie theme throughout and so there were various decorations to that effect. The doors for the Main Ballroom.

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    Animarathon X – after con report

    Animarathon X has come and gone. This is such a great convention for being a one day setup. Even with all of the last minute issues of the campus double booking, I thought the organizers did an excellent job handling the Artist Alley setup and placement. We had excellent foot traffic, and saw an increase of sales again. I still feel that the table price is reasonable for the attendance even with the second price hike this year. Tables are now $25 each. There was also a good variety of crafts on display. I walked through the Alley and made a few purchases, and was impressed by the quality of…

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    GlassCityCon – after report

    GlassCityCon was a lot of fun. The new banner seems to be getting good attention, as well as advertising the prices better. This is our favorite small time con because they give you TONS of room behind the table AND they have cushy chairs/couches so your butt can un-numb from the normal chairs. This year I want to start adding a selection of photos and highlight my galleries more from my traveling, so enjoy! Click for more: GlassCityCon Photos

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    JAFAX – after con report

    JAFAX was delightful as always. It really highlighted the need for new boards, as just a single table really requires some creative editing of what we can put out. Unfortunately, it means no MahJong House on display, nor a good 30 button designs. Thank you to everyone who stopped by, especially those who are our repeat “we have to find you every year” customers. My favorite moment was listening to someone trying to direct their friend by phone to their location to meet up: “We’re at DisjointedImages. The fun table!” Our next convention is in Ohio – http://www.glasscitycon.com/ Please come see us!

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    Animarathon – after con report

    Animarathon was – as always – great fun. Our new Artist’s Alley room was perfect in size and location (thanks Amanda) and we got lots of traffic this year. It was great seeing all the new faces, and getting great ideas for buttons for next year. Can’t wait for 2012!

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    Say that 5 times fast! Garasunoshicon was really good. We were surprised by the amount of traffic for a college convention, and pleased with our table location (windows! light! yay!). We met new friends (Hi Kristie – http://www.insanitycentral.org/ ) and ran into several AA buddies (man are we all on the same con circuit or what?). I was really glad to see how clean everyone kept the place too. Both college campus staff and congoers. AA Staff was very attentive to everyone, and constantly checking in or making sure we knew how to find them. The pizza was a good price, and pretty tasty. The volleyball tournament on the first…

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    On JAFAX and Future Cons

    Hi all! JAFAX has now come and gone, and again you guys made it a wonderful experience. It was down to hours before to decide if we’d be able to go, since I had had an injury just days prior. On crutches and less than comfortable tucked onto a folding chair you made it worth the trip. Thank you to everyone that came by, and for all the well wishes. Thanks to Brian as always for his understanding, help, and inspiration! NEXT! Our next convention will be GarasuNoShiCon in Perrysburg, OH from July 17 to 18th. Admission is free and I hear they have a FULL artist’s alley. All the…

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    Whew. ACen is over for another year. Hard to believe it went by so fast. I am only now getting to my writeup on it, as I’ve been recovering from “con plague”. I had a fantastic time despite a few hiccups (fire evacuation!), and it was wonderful seeing everyone. We had a fair number of cosplayers (and just people wanting a souvenir) come by for their photo buttons. Next year I promise we’ll have a good stock of colors for the decorative rings so no one misses out! There was a great response and feedback for MahJong House as well. Thank you to everyone who not only purchased it, but…

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    Youmacon recap / End of year ramblings

    Phew – quite the time gap between posts. To quickly fill you in: we decided very last minute to throw together a WEDDING with no budget, little time, and a big dream. That pretty much ate up any spare time we had. It was however a lovely wedding, and everything went perfectly. Not long after we came back from our honeymoon, it was time to get everything together for Youmacon. It was a great weekend, lots of our fan/customers coming by to see the new designs, and a few new people too. I got to draw a squirrel, a goat with a monocle, a wolf, and will forever be haunted…