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    NAIAS 2015

    Thanks to some good fortune at work – I had the chance to attend NAIAS this year multiple days. One of which being the Industry Preview night! This might not sound like much, but to get in with my camera and not have throngs of general public crowding every shot was AMAZING. I work downtown, so I knocked off work a little early (yay for having a Team Leader who is both into cars and cameras and totally gets the significance of such an opportunity) hopped the People Mover and rode to COBO. In the lobby they had a few race cars and some artwork displays. This splatter-paint Ford logo…

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    NAIAS 2013 – Detroit Auto Show

    It’s been some years since I’ve attended the Auto Show. For various reasons I just wasn’t finding it worthwhile to visit. Since Chris started working in Detroit however, we find ourselves much more interested in visiting the city and taking in the sights. So it was that we headed out to see what NAIAS had to offer for 2013. 2014 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Black Series