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    Recipe – Broccoli Risotto

    Risotto is one of those fancy pants kinds of dishes that come on the side at the expensive restaurants that want something hoity-toity’er than potatoes. Maybe you were afraid to know what a riz-oh-toe was and asked if you could get some fries instead. :rotfl: Since I love my rice dishes (stir-fry is a weekly go-to around here) of course there isn’t much for me to hate about a good risotto. It’s creamy, rich, and involves rice and cheese. Luckily, it’s also way easier to make than you would think. No really! It’s more about babysitting the pan for quite some time to work it into its final form than…

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    Product Review – Misto Oil Sprayer

    Today I want to review an item that I almost don’t think about, I’ve had it so long and it’s a minor gadget, but an important one when I need it. It’s probably looked at as a gimmick, yet another “can’t be worth the hype” “as-seen-on-TV” dust collector. After 5 years, I’m confident that this is a good item to buy if it interests you. Yes, 5 years. I was as shocked as you when I realized how long I’ve had it. It’s the Misto Gourmet Olive Oil Sprayer

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    Dark Chocolate Cake

    I recently had a MAJOR craving for chocolate cake. (pretend that has chocolate icing) We’re talking chocolate frosting on chocolate cake with chocolate chips and chocolate shavings – I needed chocolate. Despite several bribery attempts (and the knowledge that my husband will never turn down cake) it wasn’t happening at 1 am on a Wednesday. So when Thursday passed and I still had that chocolate desire bouncing around the back of my brain I started scouting for simple recipes. I found lots actually, but one stood out for several reasons.