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    NAIAS 2015

    Thanks to some good fortune at work – I had the chance to attend NAIAS this year multiple days. One of which being the Industry Preview night! This might not sound like much, but to get in with my camera and not have throngs of general public crowding every shot was AMAZING. I work downtown, so I knocked off work a little early (yay for having a Team Leader who is both into cars and cameras and totally gets the significance of such an opportunity) hopped the People Mover and rode to COBO. In the lobby they had a few race cars and some artwork displays. This splatter-paint Ford logo…

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    Menorah Lighting 2014 – Campus Martius

    This is the 4th year that Menorah in the D has taken place – another one of those events that are hard to ignore when they’re going on just feet from your workplace. On Tuesday, December 16th, which is the first night of Chanukah, all were welcome to come down and celebrate the lighting ceremony. Snacks and hot cider were provided, as well as live entertainment, all organized by the Shul-Chabad Lubavitch in West Bloomfield. The menorah itself stands 26 feet tall, one of the largest such community menorahs in the country. It was designed and built by the artists (and brothers) Erik Nordin and Israel Nordin of Detroit Design…

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    Christmas Tree Lighting 2014 – Campus Martius

    Since I can see Campus Martius from my building, it’s kind of silly to not attend most of the events going on in the evenings here. One of the bigger crowd draws being the annual Christmas Tree lighting. On my way out, I passed through the main lobby where Santa has a little section set up to do photos and meets for kids (of all ages). In between children I grabbed a shot of him (though he sweetly called out I was welcome to come on up). There’s no charge, but photos are on your own. They don’t have anyone taking pictures (though someone will take one with your camera…

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    Roaming Night Photography in Detroit

    If you ask what the best way to get better at your craft is, no matter what the craft, you’ll hear ‘practice’. A photowalk is one of the best ways to do this as it often can take you out of your normal shooting area, introduce you to photographers with a variety of shooting skill levels and styles, and force you to think differently and quickly about what you’re capturing. There are a number of ways that a photowalk stands out above just walking around on your own and can make you a better photographer: You don’t want to get left behind so you can’t just sit around waiting for…

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    Detroit Improv Festival 2014

    The Detroit Improv Festival is produced by Detroit Improv Collective, a non-profit organization “dedicated to advancing the art of improvisational comedy in the metro Detroit area”. 2014 was the fourth year that the organization has produced the festival. In 2011 they were under the name Spontaneous Combustion Motor City Improv festival. The following year they changed to, and are now known as, the Detroit Improv Festival. This year the festival ran August 3rd-10th in various locations around Detroit and Ferndale. The Festival brought over 200 improvisers from across North America to metro Detroit for over 20 performances and 15 workshops over the 8 days of the festival. Proceeds from tickets…

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    Midwest Media Expo 2014 – After Con Report

    The first ever Midwest Media Expo just ran and I was lucky enough to be chosen to cover it as Press. If some of the staff look familiar here it’s because the event is helmed by the same people who run Youmacon. It is not simply another anime convention however. As the name suggests they are highlighting a broad scope of media – film and print, comic and animation, voice actors and artists.

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    Rattlesnake Club – Detroit Restaurant Week Review

    Our third and final meal for this year’s spring restaurant week is The Rattlesnake Club. It’s located in the Stroh’s 300 River Place building, which is a recognized historic site. The restaurant has been operating here since 1988 and is named for the buzzing energy of its kitchen. For this trip we took my parents out with us, as it’s not often the two of them get such an extravagant meal out. The handrails are a long rattlesnake. They have a great patio area available, which overlooks the riverfront. It was a bit too windy and cool yet to use though. We sat down and looked over the menu –…

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    The Whitney – Detroit Restaurant Week Review

    Last year I chose the Whitney as one of my DRW destinations, and enjoyed it so much that after seeing the menu this year, I decided to return. Take a moment to read over that review, and you’ll get a bit of background on the building’s history. This year we were seated in the Music Room. This room originally served as the Whitney family’s primary entertainment room. It boasts authentic Tiffany stained glass windows and a ceiling mural featuring cupids dancing on clouds. Today, the Music Room is The Whitney’s largest single dining room. © The Whitney While I wasn’t able to take a full tour, I did wander the…

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    Jefferson House – Detroit Restaurant Week Review

    The Jefferson House is in the Crowne Plaza Pontchartrain Hotel, formerly the Hotel Pontchartrain. Built in 1965, it takes its name from a much grander and older building, after a contest was held for the naming rights. The Jefferson House is on the first floor, just off the street entrance and before the hotel’s check in desk. Below you can see some of the lobby. In the first picture, off to the left past the railings is the front desk. In the second you can see the doors to the street, and to the left of that is the restaurant entrance. A little mood lighting Shirley Temple First course: The…