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    Visiting Downtown Disneyland

    We have tickets for Mickey’s Halloween Party tonight – but decided to take our time and check out the Downtown Disney area before we hit the parks. Cool part of the Disneyland Hotel? You literally walk outside our hotel and down the sidewalk and you’re RIGHT THERE. Despite October not being over – the decorations for Christmas are already going up. We stop at Earl of Sandwich for a late lunch. Despite what the wrapper says – I was allowed to have it.  I got the kids grilled cheese. I wanted something light and simple, and it was good for a basic grilled cheese. It came with a small cup…

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    WDW 2011 Day 7

    Sunday 1/16/11 The last morning at the resort. We spent it watching the Japanese station – listening to くるり belt it out: They played Jubilee and Baby, I Love You – and I had to hit Y!Japan to get them as soon as I got home. We walked the grounds a bit, getting last minute pictures…

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    WDW 2011 – Pre-trip Planning and Expenses

    On the DISboards there’s a section dedicated for reports on people planning their trips to Disney. This is for a variety of reasons – One: as a great organizational practice Two: as a way to “think out loud” and possibly get some replies with suggestions on various things Three: as a way to build the excitement more as the expense of a Disney trip usually means months of planning and it could be easy to get disenchanted I’m sure everyone has more reasons than those – but that’s the top 3 that I chose to do a “pre-trip report”. First the requisite “Intro” – where I divulge enough information for…

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    WDW 2011 Day 1 – Lunch

    Finally, the food! By now it was ohh, 3pm and all we’d had was that early morning croissant so all of us were more than ready to dig in at Wolfgang Puck’s in DTD. Three course meal? No problem! I’m not sure what this is from – but it reminded me of the bizarre illustrations in Alice in Wonderland. First we get bread and butter – nothing spectacular and I didn’t like the flatbread at all.