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    Miami to Michigan

    It was a happy sign that as soon as we got on the highway, we spotted a Raven transport truck. I was on my way to visit my team leader in Miami, and our team name is Ravens. Our friends decided the best time in Miami had to involve the water – so we headed out to Shuckers for dinner. Aren’t they the cutest couple? We start with some wings. And conch fritters. Gargoyles keep watch over the restaurant and the water. Lovely view And it only got better with the sunset.(Minus that weird bearded guy… ) Quick! Which one is the statue? Windy group shot! Showing off my selfie…

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    Melting Around the World

    Welcome to Wednesday! Today we are hitting Epcot. Two park closures in a row meant I slept in. So we just had time to hoof it to the boat and ride over to the other side of the lake for our lunch ADR. The beautiful blue skies leaving the Village. Here is the full day’s video – but keep reading for the pictures and comments. Walking into Epcot. The Food and Wine Festival was going on. It wasn’t exceptionally crowded as far as we could tell though, while we were here. A quick shot of us. Unintentionally coordinated in blues – right down to the lanyard and magic bands. I…

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    Thundering and Splashing In the Magic Kingdom

    Now it’s time to ride! We have a Fastpass so make our way over to the other side of the park. On the way out of lunch, I spot this balloon, and boy was I tempted to get one of my own. We didn’t have time to stop to talk with Belle, but I love the sign. The windmill moves the gears which makes the candlestick ‘arms’ dance. Rapunzel’s tower is still beautiful. I managed to come around in time to catch the Liberty Belle and the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad lined up. Speaking of BTMRR – that’s our Fastpass destination! I grab an awkward shot from the ride before…

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    Lunch at Be Our Guest

    I had heard many mixed reviews on Be Our Guest, and decided that if I got the mysterious invite email directly from Disney then I would reserve a lunch there. I did get the email, and so here we are. After checking in and confirming we had reservations (the CM was visibly relieved, she said it was so hard to tell people trying to just walk up that it basically wasn’t possible on most days to get in without an ADR) we walk along the bridge to the entrance. Such a sad gargoyle. Once inside – you walk down a hallway, and you can hear Lumiere and Cogsworth whispering. Then…

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    Our Morning in the Magic Kingdom

    Tuesday morning arrives – and runs off while we’re sleeping. Hey, I never pretended to be a morning person, and that 6am start wasn’t going to be a trend. Eventually we get going and head to the car. I snap a shot in the elevator. Let me take a quick moment to say THANK YOU to my ever patient husband for always toting the camera gear. It’s hard to see the size here, roughly an average diaper bag, and at least as insanely packed. He knows how much my photography profession (and obsession) means to me. The parking garage of course had Lion King theming – we were most often…

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    Return to the Yachtsman Steakhouse

    First fancy dinner night! After initial sticker shock over the prices (I did not yet know the beauty of a prime steak) in 2011, the Yachtsman Steakhouse fast became and stayed our favorite (and yes, most expensive) meal. Since he was our waiter each time (and a few times on my parents’ earlier visits) previously, we wanted to make sure we had the impeccable David guiding us through our meal again. I tried to call and get David’s section, but sadly only got a voicemail. Once we arrived and checked in, we had a little wait for our table, so of course that meant picture time! Yup, we’re goofs. At…

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    Kobe Steakhouse and a Room for the Night

    A new day has dawned (and then some) and we try to forget about Saturday’s misfortunes and move on. We start with break-lunch (it was 3pm) at Bojangles. A southern fast food chain that caught my attention because they have pork chop sandwiches! It was actually quite tasty for fast food. The biscuit was fresh and the pork chop was juicy and seasoned nicely. Not pictured is the awful drink mixup that was not helping my confidence in the day. I ordered a cherry soda of some sort, put in the straw, take a big swig and get SWEET TEA! Ugh, ptooie, ew ew. I get Chris to run in…

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    WDW 2011 Trip – Table of Contents

    Since blogs follow a “newest post first” setup, and you’ll want to read each day in order, this might help keep it all straight. At the Airport: Walt Disney World Trip – Jan 2011 WDW Day 1 – Wolfgang Puck’s WDW Day 1 – Yachtsman Steakhouse WDW Day 2 – Epcot WDW Day 2 – Chefs de France WDW Day 2 – Morocco & Japan WDW Day 2 – Germany interrupted and Mission:Space WDW Day 2 – Narcoossee’s WDW Day 3 – Animal Kingdom WDW Day 3 – Kona Cafe” WDW Day 4 – Magic… Studios? WDW Day 4 – Brown Derby WDW Day 4 – Fantasmic! WDW Day 5…

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    WDW 2011 – Florida Day 14

    1/22/2011 We awake early (around 5:30 am); after a fitful night’s sleep knowing we were to be leaving; and quietly pack the car and check out. Most of the process is in darkness still, and fairly boring and uneventful. I grab a few snaps once in the airport: Sorry Harry… I just wasn’t that into you this trip. See? Told you it was damned early.

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    WDW 2011 Day 13 – Epcot and Magic Kingdom (last day)

    1/21/2011 Our last day in the parks. Today was the least structured. By now coordinating 4 adults with different thoughts on how to tackle / see each park and rides was getting to everyone just a tad. We were all still on speaking terms however – so it wasn’t a complete meltdown. We headed to the Magic Kingdom parking lot and took the tram to Epcot first. I love these billboards around Disney. Our last time passing this sign.