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    LEGO Ships and Little Tokyo

    Touring the Queen Mary Good morning! There is something lovely about being able to walk around a ship every morning. All the sounds and smells of the water. I decided to take some of my free time to really see the ship today. Just don’t fall overboard. There are lifeboats – but I’m pretty sure that would be overkill for a docked ship. Seagull says “whaddya want?”. Lots of air traffic today. Ad for the Peanuts Movie. The other side of course is MetLife. Some kind of military looking helicopter. One of the areas has a LEGO display – with a huge recreation of the Queen Mary: Detailed right down…

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    40th Annual Noel Night – Detroit, MI

    Noel Night is a holiday celebration where the cultural center area of Detroit has a free “open house” for the public. Among the participants is the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, the Detroit Historical Museum, and the Detroit Public Library. It’s a great opportunity for families to not only get out and have a great time but to visit some of the wonderful cultural institutions that they may not have before. We started at the First Congregational Church of Detroit