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    Hot Air Jubilee – Jackson, MI

    The Hot Air Jubilee is an annual event that takes place in Jackson, MI. Over the three day event they have daily balloon launches, an arts and craft fair, a children’s carnival with small rides, inflatables and games, and various other entertainment. The balloon launches happen (weather permitting) twice each day – once early morning and again in the early evening. According to their website: In 1983 a group of Hot Air Balloon enthusiast who lived in and around Jackson came up with the dream of a family friendly event for the Jackson Community. The Hot Air Jubilee was born. Since then the Jubilee has grown to an event that…

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    Whew. ACen is over for another year. Hard to believe it went by so fast. I am only now getting to my writeup on it, as I’ve been recovering from “con plague”. I had a fantastic time despite a few hiccups (fire evacuation!), and it was wonderful seeing everyone. We had a fair number of cosplayers (and just people wanting a souvenir) come by for their photo buttons. Next year I promise we’ll have a good stock of colors for the decorative rings so no one misses out! There was a great response and feedback for MahJong House as well. Thank you to everyone who not only purchased it, but…

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    ACen – Less than a week!

    Ok everyone – the big event is almost here: ACen! DisjointedImages will once again be making a grand appearance to provide you with a variety of funny-because-it’s-true buttons for all kinds of fandoms. New this year is our active use of our Twitter feed – keep an eye on it for random specials and codes. I’ve worked hard to have lots of new designs, and as always will have the cosplay photo setup available. Stop by!

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    Store relaunch!

    Whew. Well, it took quite a bit longer than we anticipated, not the least of which because of my new post over at ACen.org. I’m now working on the webmaster team, and helped configure their store for a short merchandise sale for the holidays. As you can see, we’ve now got almost the full catalog of buttons available for purchase (there are still convention exclusives that are only available in person), along with photo examples of all the options. If you have any questions, please contact us!

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    On Gaming and Games

    I recently heard about a new social site specifically geared to gamers: http://raptr.com/ After poking around and signing up, I found I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a very well made site, and shock of shocks, it works as advertised! You can find me at: http://raptr.com/disjointedimages One of the downsides to developing a game, is that actually getting to play any is difficult. I’ve got quite a few recent and/or soon to be released games that I’d love to sit down with. Hopefully you’ll see my status update as I get that chance, along with further reviews here. Here’s my short lineup: Tales of Monkey Island – C’mon! A new Monkey…

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    Musical interludes

    I added the iTunes widget on the side, because nothing gets done in my office without music. I’ve always been a music lover, one of those choir geeks since elementary school, and yes, I can’t resist belting it out along with the singer. As you can guess based on the list that’s there, I’ve got some wide ranging tastes. One of my favorite radio stations is CBC Radio 2. Though, with the format change, I don’t get to listen to enough of it when I’m on my way to work these days. It’s a station based in Canada, and covers every possible genre over the course of the day. Tom…