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    Wonton Snack Bites

    I originally found the idea for these on Pinterest – but the “recipe” was a picture on Flickr with rollover notes (you can’t copy them) and it wasn’t really a recipe at that. It was basically just filling wonton skins and baking them. So I cooked up a batch of taco meat and gave this a few trial runs in various ways, based on comments of crispiness (or lack thereof) on the original post, and wanted to give a proper instructional (with text you can save!). Filling recipe (as pictured):

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    Whew. ACen is over for another year. Hard to believe it went by so fast. I am only now getting to my writeup on it, as I’ve been recovering from “con plague”. I had a fantastic time despite a few hiccups (fire evacuation!), and it was wonderful seeing everyone. We had a fair number of cosplayers (and just people wanting a souvenir) come by for their photo buttons. Next year I promise we’ll have a good stock of colors for the decorative rings so no one misses out! There was a great response and feedback for MahJong House as well. Thank you to everyone who not only purchased it, but…

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    Youmacon recap / End of year ramblings

    Phew – quite the time gap between posts. To quickly fill you in: we decided very last minute to throw together a WEDDING with no budget, little time, and a big dream. That pretty much ate up any spare time we had. It was however a lovely wedding, and everything went perfectly. Not long after we came back from our honeymoon, it was time to get everything together for Youmacon. It was a great weekend, lots of our fan/customers coming by to see the new designs, and a few new people too. I got to draw a squirrel, a goat with a monocle, a wolf, and will forever be haunted…

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    On Gaming and Games

    I recently heard about a new social site specifically geared to gamers: http://raptr.com/ After poking around and signing up, I found I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a very well made site, and shock of shocks, it works as advertised! You can find me at: http://raptr.com/disjointedimages One of the downsides to developing a game, is that actually getting to play any is difficult. I’ve got quite a few recent and/or soon to be released games that I’d love to sit down with. Hopefully you’ll see my status update as I get that chance, along with further reviews here. Here’s my short lineup: Tales of Monkey Island – C’mon! A new Monkey…

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    New Store!

    We have a new store! This one is much cleaner and easier to check out. For anyone who may have had difficulties before, I invite you over to the new shop. Grand Re-Opening! We have a new account system too! Now you can choose an easy to remember username. You do not have to create an account to make a purchase, but by doing so, you will be able to save your shopping cart, and have all of your billing and shipping information pre-filled whenever you come back. You’ll also be able to receive exclusive updates and discount specials.

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    Game updates

    The new demo is now available! I’ve updated it to allow you to try the Japanese hiragana tileset. I’ve also added multiplayer support, and the ability to save and come back to a game. The new cd jacket cover art is done. Can’t wait to see it printed. I understand there has been some trouble with the checkout, and paypal not properly showing everything secure. This is NOT affecting your info! It was just the picture displayed in the top header, and has been fixed. Thank you for your understanding, and if you hesitated before, please try your purchase again.