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    Garlic Bread

    What’s an Italian meal without garlic bread? Now – I must confess/warn you now, I am a garlic ADDICT. I try to adjust down for the recipes I post, but some folks have said it seems a bit heavy still. Considering I go through a HEAD of garlic a DAY, I have trouble figuring out normal. If any recipe seems like there’s a lot, then adjust to your tastes. I won’t be offended.

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    Review – Ajeeka

    Recently I happened to hit my favorite grocery store (Hiller’s – a family owned Michigan chain) while a food demo was going on and decided to stop. It was for Ajeeka – a new condiment item consisting of red peppers and garlic. He had nearly packed up for the day, and so only had one jar and some water crackers out for sampling instead of the full variety of uses that he normally displays, but that was fine. It had a great boost of flavor! The peppers are very finely processed, almost pureed and the garlic is finely diced but still visible. Both are completely raw so retain all the…