• ShutoCon 2015 – after con report
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    ShutoCon 2015 – after con report

    Normally we go to ShutoCon as artists – selling our usual array of buttons. This year however due to conflicting schedules I missed out on alley registration and decided to just buy a normal badge. It’s been YEARS since we’ve hit a convention as regular run-of-the-mill attendees. I’m always either working a table or official press. So it was very weird and kind of lost-feeling to not have a “purpose” each day. I had a work commitment in the morning so couldn’t roll in until the afternoon. Lunch per usual was at El Azteco. It may not be the most authentic mexican place you can stop at, but the burritos…

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    ShutoCon 2014 – After Con Report

    ShutoCon is held in Lansing, MI. It has a particular focus on promoting artists and cosplayers as well as being a designated “safe space“. This was their 4th year in operation. Last year we had decided it was time to change our displays and had converted one board over to a magnet system instead of the clips we previously were using. We found that the clips made it confusing to customers who were able to pull up the buttons a quarter inch, along with it being a tedious thing to set up each time. After some deliberation we decided on magnets instead. They are rare earth and have a 9lb…

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    After report – ShutoCon 2013

    ShutoCon in Lansing, MI is a newer anime convention with a good focus on artists and cosplayers. The AA coordinator (and convention chair) is a long time artist herself and strives to make her con have all the best available for us. She was extremely understanding about feedback and complaints (I had few, and most weren’t under her control but felt should be noted), and definitely has a good thing started. It was held at the Lansing Center and the connected Radisson Hotel from April 5th-7th, 2013.

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    Convention Appearance – Shuto Con

    Hey everyone! It’s that time of year again – when DisjointedImages will be out in the wild selling our amazing buttons. This weekend come find us at Shuto Con in Lansing, MI. Running April 5-7 and featuring a bigger exhibit hall this year, Shuto puts emphasis on the Artists and Cosplayers throughout the weekend. Rest assured though, they have a huge lineup of great events and guests to keep you busy too! Take a peek at the schedule click here. Hope we see you there!