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    Exploring Detroit – Packard Plant

    The Detroit Packard factory was built in 1903 for (not surprisingly) the Packard car line. It ceased production of vehicles in 1956, and was used as an industrial park with several businesses moving in and setting up storefronts. In 1999, the tenants were forced out while an ownership dispute started over the complex. The legal battle (still on-going) allowed the building to sit vacant and susceptible to scrappers, who have since stripped just about everything usable from the buildings. As of this post, there is still just one business remaining: Chemical Processing, Inc. In fact, they have occupied a portion of the old 120 plant on Concord Street since 1958,…

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    Photowalk – Ann Arbor, MI

    I am a huge fan of Google Plus. There are so many photographers on there that I am inspired by on a daily basis. I believe it’s due to the great layout/space for photographs, that it is very easy to “follow” someone, and to meet and engage in conversation with so many new people. It is there that I came across the G+ Anniversary Photowalk, and by extension, a Michigan photography group that was participating. I’m so thrilled that I did come across the post because it’s been far too long (as you can see by the lack of updates here) since I’ve gotten out and done some serious shooting.…

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    AnimePark – after con report

    New this year was a one day free admission convention in Canton MI. Organized by some of the students at Canton HS, it was a surprisingly well organized and busy first time con, and we enjoyed our day there very much. The main cafeteria area held the Dealer’s booths, and a side hallway had the Artists. They had a video room, some panels, and a maid cafe. I hope they are able to hold the event again next year, and if you’re in the area, I recommend checking it out.

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    Maker Faire Report

    This past weekend Detroit hosted the second annual Maker Faire at The Henry Ford. Maker Faire started in 2006 in San Mateo, CA and quickly word spread about how fun and amazing it was and soon other areas organized local Maker Faire events. It is a weekend long celebration of everything fantastic about learning and teaching, science and engineering, arts and crafts, and everything in between. It gives a place for every DIY’er and home-brew hacker to come together and show off what they love – creating.

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    Hot Air Jubilee – Jackson, MI

    The Hot Air Jubilee is an annual event that takes place in Jackson, MI. Over the three day event they have daily balloon launches, an arts and craft fair, a children’s carnival with small rides, inflatables and games, and various other entertainment. The balloon launches happen (weather permitting) twice each day – once early morning and again in the early evening. According to their website: In 1983 a group of Hot Air Balloon enthusiast who lived in and around Jackson came up with the dream of a family friendly event for the Jackson Community. The Hot Air Jubilee was born. Since then the Jubilee has grown to an event that…

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    Anime Detroit countdown

    10 days! Come see us at Anime Detroit from Aug 13-15 at The MET of Troy hotel in Troy, MI. We’ll be in the Artist’s Alley all weekend selling our unique and custom made buttons, along with a running display of Mahjong House. If you would like to preorder any buttons – please contact me.

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    On JAFAX and Future Cons

    Hi all! JAFAX has now come and gone, and again you guys made it a wonderful experience. It was down to hours before to decide if we’d be able to go, since I had had an injury just days prior. On crutches and less than comfortable tucked onto a folding chair you made it worth the trip. Thank you to everyone that came by, and for all the well wishes. Thanks to Brian as always for his understanding, help, and inspiration! NEXT! Our next convention will be GarasuNoShiCon in Perrysburg, OH from July 17 to 18th. Admission is free and I hear they have a FULL artist’s alley. All the…