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    Animarathon X – after con report

    Animarathon X has come and gone. This is such a great convention for being a one day setup. Even with all of the last minute issues of the campus double booking, I thought the organizers did an excellent job handling the Artist Alley setup and placement. We had excellent foot traffic, and saw an increase of sales again. I still feel that the table price is reasonable for the attendance even with the second price hike this year. Tables are now $25 each. There was also a good variety of crafts on display. I walked through the Alley and made a few purchases, and was impressed by the quality of…

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    Upcoming Event – Animarathon

    Our first convention appearance will be in Ohio at Bowling Green State University – it’s a FREE one day event but has many of the bells and whistles of a larger/longer anime convention. I highly suggest coming by! Animarathon Bowen-Thompson Student Union Saturday, March 24, 2012 10:00am – Midnight Their site is in a bit of a transition right now, so if there are any questions on the event, please leave a comment!

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    GlassCityCon – after report

    GlassCityCon was a lot of fun. The new banner seems to be getting good attention, as well as advertising the prices better. This is our favorite small time con because they give you TONS of room behind the table AND they have cushy chairs/couches so your butt can un-numb from the normal chairs. This year I want to start adding a selection of photos and highlight my galleries more from my traveling, so enjoy! Click for more: GlassCityCon Photos

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    Say that 5 times fast! Garasunoshicon was really good. We were surprised by the amount of traffic for a college convention, and pleased with our table location (windows! light! yay!). We met new friends (Hi Kristie – http://www.insanitycentral.org/ ) and ran into several AA buddies (man are we all on the same con circuit or what?). I was really glad to see how clean everyone kept the place too. Both college campus staff and congoers. AA Staff was very attentive to everyone, and constantly checking in or making sure we knew how to find them. The pizza was a good price, and pretty tasty. The volleyball tournament on the first…