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    Manolete’s 1000th Show – Michigan Renaissance Festival

    For those of you who have not seen his show: Manolete blends humor and action, with his boledoras (weights on rope) that swing too fast to follow but make a resounding crack on the wood stage, and his death-defying fire acrobatics with flaming ropes, torches, and even lighting the helmet upon his head. We heard him announce (and saw the sign) that he was coming up on his 1000th show on that stage and knew we needed to be there, front row, to witness such a milestone.

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    Michigan Renaissance Festival – Feast of Fantasy

    The Michigan Renaissance Festival is an 8 weekend long event located just outside Holly, MI. Each weekend has an individual “theme” that is reflected in special events and shows, as well as the encouraged costumes for attendees. The Feast of Fantasy is a 6 course meal, held on just a few specific days, and each day with its own menu. To quote the site: A fantastic two and a half hour event held in our magical castle! This event features a six-course gourmet meal, beer, wine and live entertainment! You’ll also take home a limited edition 2012 Feast of Fantasy ceramic goblet! $70 per person (includes your Festival admission) or…

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    Wedding Day!

    Waiting for my haircut: Hair in sunlight: Getting cinched in: Some of the pro’s shots: Food! Dad brought a TON of cabbage rolls as promised: I made WAY too many cupcakes (yes, I was baking the night before and piping icing the morning of my own wedding): The “traditional” sharing of the cake (lemon): The groom and best man: Awww: For our “honeymoon” (a lovely weekend away) – we went to our favorite city for our favorite food:

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    Planning a DIY Wedding

    *-* This post originally appeared as a set of posts on my original LiveJournal account – before I realized that website journaling was a fine outlet as well. I thank Wil Wheaton and Jenny “the Bloggess” Lawson for that. *-* After many interrupted starts, I am finally going forward with the wedding plans. This is going to be the low key family only no vendors/rentals/halls/etc type of deal just so we can say we DID IT! The entire wedding was decided with 6 weeks notice, no savings, a single income, and my own insane self. Next year I’ll do the “everyone and their drunk cousin with the whole hoopla multiple…

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    Chemise / Renaissance shirt

    After the first place I went to for my shirt failed to understand how to take my order (don’t ask…) I found a lovely shop that does custom shirts, and even better, was able to do so in my short time frame. joyfulbydesign All her communications were prompt and friendly, and she didn’t even flinch at all of my custom size requests. When it arrived, I was very pleased with the quality, fit, and comfort. If anything in her shop looks like it interests you, purchase without worry!