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    Roaming Night Photography in Detroit

    If you ask what the best way to get better at your craft is, no matter what the craft, you’ll hear ‘practice’. A photowalk is one of the best ways to do this as it often can take you out of your normal shooting area, introduce you to photographers with a variety of shooting skill levels and styles, and force you to think differently and quickly about what you’re capturing. There are a number of ways that a photowalk stands out above just walking around on your own and can make you a better photographer: You don’t want to get left behind so you can’t just sit around waiting for…

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    Royal Oak Zombie Walk

    For Scott Kelby’s Fifth Annual Photowalk, I signed up for a walk in Royal Oak. October 13th happened to also be World Zombie Day (second Saturday of October every year) and the Zombie Walk Detroit group was collecting donations for Gleaners Food Bank. The weather was quite iffy that morning, and there was even concern about having to move the Zombie walk to the next day, but luckily the rain held off just long enough. There was a decent turnout despite the overcast day – with over 300 Zombies shuffling down the streets.

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    Review – Kelbytraining.com

    I recently purchased a year membership to Kelbytraining.com – an online video based training site started by Scott Kelby. The site covers photography techniques, as well as the full range of Adobe Creative Suite products. Scott Kelby is a well known photographer, who is also President of the NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals), as well as editor of Photoshop User magazine. He’s written a slew of best selling technical books on a variety of photography techniques and photo editing software tutorials (several of which I own). So there’s a good background to support that the content on the site is of a good quality, with solid information – which…