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    Store relaunch!

    Whew. Well, it took quite a bit longer than we anticipated, not the least of which because of my new post over at ACen.org. I’m now working on the webmaster team, and helped configure their store for a short merchandise sale for the holidays. As you can see, we’ve now got almost the full catalog of buttons available for purchase (there are still convention exclusives that are only available in person), along with photo examples of all the options. If you have any questions, please contact us!

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    Ubercart review

    The new store is up and running – and I have to take a few minutes to share my adoration for our new software that is running it: Ubercart. Powered by Drupal, Ubercart is a free, open source e-commerce solution that allows for endless customization and integration with nearly any site. Even better, it requires little knowledge of php or sql etc to implement. Granted, I do know some of this and that only made the setup faster and even more fluid. Prior, I was working with OsCommerce. A nice cart to be sure, but just way too code heavy, and requiring massive amount of rewriting of full php pages…